Spain, Argentina Join Forces against the British
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  • Corlyss

    If the UN takes up the issue, how like them. The middle east is burning down and the UN fiddles with the irrelevant.

  • Maybe it’s time for the Anglosphere to take a long, serious look at the absurdity the UN has become – and ask themselves the value of remaining in that orgainzation. The nation that gave the world representative democracy (Britain), and the nation that saved representative democracy more than once, need to consider the domination of the UN by non-representative regimes, reach the logical conclusion that the wrong result (tyranny) arrived at by the right methods (democrat voting) is STILL the wrong result. As in the current view of the editors of the Economist that the Generals ought not to have overthrown Mursi (because he was elected), leaders need to grasp that a process alone (representative democracy refined in the West over thousands of years), when not accompanied by Western Liberal behaviors and systems, is not the correct process when the result is tyranny – as in the recent experiment in totalitarian Islamist Egypt. Too many leaders of the West have decided voting is the goal, rather than accepting that good governance in the goal, and voting only one way to get there – a way that requires the millennia-long societal evolution of, basically, the Anglosphere alone.

  • So Freaky

    And once Sean Penn joins in, the Axis of Idiocy will be complete, imperial Britain finally doomed.

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