At Last: An Anti-American Arab Rant That Republicans Will Love
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  • ljgude

    I recently commented here at Via Meadia that Obama was trying to play both ends against the middle. The very kind of mistake made by someone who thinks they are smarter and have a superior belief system. In Obama’s case Columbia/Harvard being the evidence for being smart and Postcolonialism for the belief system – something every high school student who has been colonized by Howard Zinn’s textbook knows. Even Egyptian floozies can see that Obama is supporting the MB and using drones to attack Islamists elsewhere. And, heck yes, Fox should hire her to counteract Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow. Who does this Obama guy think he is? The Wizard of OZ?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    If you lie down with Dogs (Muslim Brotherhood) you’ll wake up with Fleas. Getting in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists was an act of utter stupidity.

  • Bruce

    As hapless as Obama is (although this may not be haplessness, it may be by design), it does not matter if we had a competent POTUS. These are all “no win” situations. If we try to influence the situation, half the people hate us for meddling and if we don’t try to influence it, half the people hate us for not trying.

  • Boritz

    As the title sets out, the real news here is the likely Republican reaction. Keep an eye out for that and be ready to pounce. Flood the zone, FTZ, FTZ…

  • cubanbob

    After seeing what happened to the senior officers in Turkey did anyone think the Egyptian Army was going to sit still?

  • SF Dude

    Elmasry’s blending of classic regional anti-Semitism with classic regional anti-black racism with nouveau regional anti-Islamism is something from beyond kooky…

    But who here in America would ever want to be *liked* by any of these people? Oh wait– POTUS did and does, and he tried so hard…

    (Incidentally, the Egyptian Army as “Strong” ?!? Elmasry is quite a dancer for someone high on something that powerfully obliterates reality. Although, her army does look muy macho when they mow down unarmed MB protestors. Fitting work for the FUBU ‘military headgear’ Sissi and his crew seem so fond of wearing.)

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