Bradley Manning Is Guilty, But of What?
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  • tarentius

    There is no “legal gray area” when it comes to the crimes that Manning committed. They are clear and unequivocal. Manning, as part of being granted access to classified material, signed an acknowledgement of his responsibilities and was reminded of the pertinent provisions of the US Code. Further, as a soldier in the United States Army, Manning betrayed his comrades who were fighting, bleeding and dying in a war against a vicious , barbarous enemy. Now, Mr. Meade says he is sorry for a “naïve, young hothead.” A “naïve young hothead” doesn’t, over a long period of time, systematically harvest reams of classified information and knowingly turn them over to a foreign head of an anti-US organization.
    Shame on you Mr. Mead for your refusal to recognize that individuals are responsible for their actions and someone who knowingly betrays his country and his comrades is not worthy of sympathy. That’s the real world, not your world of academia and diplomacy. There is no place for bleeding hearts in this world.

    • Fred

      I’m with you. That SOB and that other traitorous SOB Snowden should have their nuts cut off and force fed to them.

    • Philopoemen

      Ah, jingoism at its finest. Thank you for the satire.

      … it was satire, right?

      • Fred

        Considering what I recommended is not an impossibility for some of the Iraqis and Afghans whose cooperation with us he exposed and that Snowden’s actions could cost lives in a preventable terrorist attack, no Phil, that was not satire.

  • Corlyss

    He’s guilty of stupidity, and he should pay the price, just like dim-witted criminals who drop their drivers’ licenses at a robbery or murder. I believe the “whistle-blower” nonsense was his attorney’s way of making lemonade out of his client’s large cache of lemons.

  • feastfirst

    Not to pile on, but… I’ve signed an NDA, I didn’t have to, I did it voluntarily with the explicit understanding that if I violated it I would go to jail. There is NO gray area here, unless you hire a lawyer and pursue whistleblower protection. Stooge is the BEST thing you can say about this fragile, deficient, almost human being.

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