South Sudan Asks China to Mediate Oil Dispute with North
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  • bpuharic

    Great analysis and excellent conclusion about China’s role. They’re obviously going to assume a bigger role in the world as their economy continues to expand; by integrating them into the international political process, they’ll have a stake in responsible outcomes.

    • rheddles

      Yes, this is leading from behind at it’s best. Far better to leave the primary influence of Africa to the Chinese Communist Party. They’ve done such a good job in Tibet and Xinjiang.

      • bpuharic

        They’re going to be there regardless of what you want. Why do you think THIS way of dealing with them is better than neocon confrontation?

        • rheddles

          When not the non sequitors, the strawmen.

      • Rol_Texas

        I think in this case our interests actually align with China’s. It’s not like Beijing would turn Sudan into a new province; they basically want to get the oil out of the earth and into the international market with minimal fuss. This is exactly what we would be trying to accomplish if we had a good reason to take charge of this situation. But this way, if China succeeds (and we would want them to succeed), then we get to benefit from the small measure of stability that that Sudanese oil will inject into international markets; if China fails or upsets one or more parties to the dispute, then we don’t get blamed for being the big bad resource colonialists, like we always used to.

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Chi-Coms aren’t exactly very ideological these days. Even if they wanted to convert the Sudanese masses to some brand of Maoism (which they definitely don’t), I would love to sit back and watch them embarrass themselves.

  • Jim__L

    Ceding them positions like this means ceding them power. We have to be very careful about doing so.

  • Corlyss

    “this is actually good news”

    I wouldn’t go THAT far. It has potential. The Sinoraptor is a predator of the first order. It’s more likely in my opinion that it will undertake building a pipeline that bypasses north Sudan somehow. The only relatively safe nation politically is Kenya. I’m no geologist so I don’t know if it’s even possible to go thru Kenya to the sea, but I bet they look at some kinda pipeline.

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