California: Securing Its Champion Title…of Failed States
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  • Andrew Allison

    No, no! You must be mistaken. Haven’t you noticed that California is widely recognized as having recovered?

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    CA would have complied, but nobody in Sacramento could read the NCLB law – they were all graduates of public-education.

    • Andrew Allison

      It’s not that the legislators couldn’t read NCLB, but that they were instructed by their union bosses (owners might be a better word) not to.

      Meanwhile, California’s public school teachers have such faith in the system that a majority of them send their children to private schools!
      That said, VM is being a little unkind in awarding CA the failed-State championship. Bad as things are in CA, the social misery resulting from decades of governmental malfeasance in IL leaves CA in it’s dust.

  • “Either union leaders haven’t read the school system’s abysmal report card, or they just don’t care,” or they can’t read. Not exactly a low-odds proposition.

  • Gary Hemminger

    I agree with Prof. Mead, but the teachers union has a ready excuse…we in California just aren’t spending enough per pupil. If we would just spend more and have smaller classroom sizes, the students would be much more educated.

  • Bruce_William_Smith

    Thanks to unwise changes in immigration policy and lax enforcement, California’s state schools have a much more difficult population to educate today than they did decades ago.

  • Andrew Allison

    Here’s a thought: let’s require CA teachers toeducate their kids in the public education system which supports them.

  • ljgude

    It does seem that the combination of unions and state government have had dire consequences. If the blue model is the Iron Triangle of Big Business, Big Government and Big Labor (as Prof Meade has characterized it) then we are seeing the collusion of Big Labor and Big Government at the state level defying the central power of a very Blue Model Federal administration. Given what the bankers and their ilk did to cause 2008 and are still doing then that is another example of collusion between Big Government and Big Business. And given that we have just witnessed a teachable moment type trial created by the collusion of Big Government and Big Business (the MSM) fizzle for lack of a case – perhaps there is a bit too much collusion going on.

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