Egypt’s New Bosses: Same As The Old Bosses
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  • wigwag

    Maybe it just me, but doesn’t the young man with the blue striped shirt with his arm raised above his head look exactly like a young Barack Obama?

  • rheddles

    Another question to ponder, Who’s going to pay for the wheat imports?

    • Ooga Booga

      Saudis? UAE?

    • USNK2

      Saudia Arabia will pay for Egypt’s wheat imports, assuming there is a broker who will not tell anyone that the big wheat surplus for export right now comes from Russia.

  • Anthony

    Historical institutional patterns don’t change because bosses do – extractive vs. inclusive institutions…

  • ljgude

    Because the MB is the founding organization of politics first (as opposed to Allah first) Islam and hence is an essentially secular totalitarian organization like the ones that it imitated – the nazis and communists, I welcome any setbacks it suffers including the present one. But so far as I can see no one has come up with a plan to get Egypt out of its food crisis. If I were Pharaoh I would hire agricultural experts to maximize agricultural output and make interfering with the tourist trade a capital offense.

  • Fred

    What’s shocking to me is that it is shocking to anyone that an Arab country is capable of nothing but brutal authoritarianism of some sort or other. Freedom is NOT a universal aspiration. Some cultures are more comfortable with someone directing every aspect of their lives. Bottom line is savages are like children, they need a strongman kicking butt or all they do is slaughter each other.

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