Job-Stealing Eyeglasses Are Here
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  • Fat_Man

    They might be useful if you loose or break your glasses and you could buy them at Walgreen’s for $25 to hold you until you get back to your optician and can order a replacement set.

    But,, they cannot be as light as single focus glasses. And lightness counts in making glasses to wear all day.

  • Nick Bidler

    Clearly, just as with taxi-hailing apps, the answer is to outlaw them.

    • Corlyss

      If they don’t get more stylish models, outlawing them may not be necessary.

  • Andrew Allison


  • Pait

    I have adjusting glasses, not the Adlens but the older Superfocus. It is significantly more expensive but it is tailored to the user, and corrects for astigmatism.

    I think you are a little too optimistic about the impact of these new technologies. Although I am happy with Superfocus, the optics are not as good as the best conventional glasses, which do require a specialist to prescribe. I think opticians can hope to keep their jobs for a while.

    The main problem is that eyeglass store chains are able to keep information under tight control. While I can easily check reports and opinion on consumer goods, for example before buying a new photo camera, there seem to be no way to compare the dozens of lens brands before buying. Optical chains in particular are keen on selling inferior glass for higher prices. Small stores in my experience are more reliable, but tend to sell more expensive stuff.

    A consumer report style website would do a lot more good for the nearsighted than self-adjusting glasses.

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