Obama’s Middle East Policy Making Skeptics of Believers
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  • Corlyss

    “The MSM’s newfound skeptics may have some more meat to chew on this week,”

    The problem with their tardy discovery is that 1) they talk about their reservations like they feel guilty even bringing up the fact that the policy makes no sense, cuz, ya know, he IS the nation’s first black president and they still love him deeply; and 2) if they devoted even just half the venom to Obama’s policies that they did to Bush’s, well, their friends wouldn’t invite them to parties any more.

    This past weekend Book TV ran an old interview (2000) with Harry Stein in which he talked about the character of the media of which he still considers himself a member even tho’ most of his colleagues won’t associate with him now that he’s become a conservative. Many of the points he makes are fairly instructive: 1) his attitudes changed when he got married and had kids; 2) the problems with so many institutions today is that Boomers now run them; 3) the media honestly believe that no intelligent person would possibly disagree with them; 4) hit jobs were a regular feature of the student press in his day and in their early careers in journalism when nobody but like minded juveniles read their product (and by implication, those same junior reporters with no sense of balance or fairness are now stars of the mainstream media). It’s worth rehearing.

  • USNK2

    It’s not as if the NYT or WaPo can connect the dots with what all that is happening, but I appreciate Sec. Kerry’s efforts to support Jordan, which was already hosting large numbers of Iraqi Christian refugees (as was Syria).
    I don’t think western legacy media understands the Bedouin populations in Jordan, Egypt’s Sinai, and Israel are not the same as palestinians.

    First, drop the belief that there are ‘1967 borders’.
    Second, put today in a 100-year perspective, including Sykes-Picot.
    The dilemma of transitioning to a multi-polar world is that the world in 2013 continues to be defined by great land empires, e.g.,China and India, AND the unfinished legacy of post-colonial Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and, the Ottomans; a legacy of bad mapmaking that makes American gerrymandering harmless in comparison.

  • Richard Finlay

    Fortunately for the media critics, they finally have a Secretary of State who is a legitimate target of criticism.

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