Next Up in Egypt: Ramadan
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  • bpuharic

    Religious govts are incompetent, by definition. They are always corrupt. Unfortunately in the middle east (as well as in many parts of the US), the sentiment FOR religious govt is very strong. Unless and until this is cleared out of the body politic, there is no hope for a stable govt, let alone a democratic one.

  • wigwag

    John Kerry has been working overtime to create a Palestinian state. Is there any doubt that if he were to be successful we would soon see exactly the same mess in the West Bank that we see now in Syria and Egypt.

    Under Hamas, Gaza is a disaster. Instead of Gaza becoming more like Egypt, Egypt is in the process of becoming more like Gaza. How long would it be before a state on the West Bank was taken over by crazed Islamists? How long would it be before innocent Palestinians in the West Bank said to themselves, “we wish the Israelis were back?”

    What more evidence to naive American and European leftists need before they face up to the reality that given their current state of political and cultural development, most Arabs are simply incapable of governing themselves under any system that is even vaguely democratic. Come to think of it, dimwitted neoconservatives need to come to grips with the same reality.

    • Pete

      ” …. most Arabs are simply incapable of governing themselves under any system that is even vaguely democratic.”

      That says it all.

      One can argue all day long why that is so, but the fact is that it is so.

  • Anthony

    The roots of discontent in Egypt lies in its poverty with Islamism providing perhaps surface connectivity. As written before by more informed writers than me, Egypt has structural and institutional patterns/arrangements that may preclude any ordering beyond deep state and continous extractive economic and political arrangements – whether army or ???. Altering historical patterns though possible is arduous and complex: order without hope (for many) has been part of institutional pattern despite Egyptian revolutions of past.

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