European Greens Stalk Elusive Canadian Unicorn
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  • bigfire

    I guess Greens never heard of Cobra Effect . If you put out bounty on Cobra tails as an effort to exterminate Cobra in a poor country, you’re guarantee to have Cobra farms popping up to meet the demand.

  • johngbarker

    This has got to be a joke but not for Harstad who will make a small fortune in grant money. That’s why they call it the green revolution.

  • Jim__L

    For a fun and educational comparison, check out the percentage of the world’s GDP that is dedicated to developing energy resources (especially fossil fuel resources). Then check out the percentage of the world’s GDP that Europe represents.

    Europe has decided to turn its back on ambition, but its vanity and arrogance remain as puffed up as they were when Europe actually ran the world.

  • Joseph Blieu

    Since Norway is the worlds third largest conventional oil exporter this must be some devilish secret plot to eliminate the competition and keep the price high for national greedy gain. Fracking must be hurting their profits.

    • Atanu Maulik

      Actually Norway digs up more oil per capita than Saudi Arabia and they never wanted to do anything with the EU just to stay away from this green bullshit.

  • Atanu Maulik

    Just when you think that the greens have reached “peak stupidity”, they surprise you and scale new heights.

  • ParmaJohn

    I have another winning idea for our Norwegian friend: how ’bout you pay poor saps in developing countries not to cut down their trees, saving the world’s vast forests…. Oh, wait, they beat me to it!

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