Turkish Leader Spots Source of Woes: The Jews!
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  • Corlyss

    Gee, what a surprise!
    Very different from the Turkish sultan who took all the Jews the stupid Spanish sent them during the Inquisition. There was a spate of little Jewish girls named Sultana in gratitude to the open-hearted ruler’s reaction.

  • bigfire

    When in doubt, blame the Jew. Standard operating procedure the world over. Nothing really new to see here. And really not too surprising consider what we’re dealing with.

    The one thing that AK party have over Muslim Brotherhood is that they actually for a brief period of time deliver prosperity. With that they attempt to remake it into Sharia state after neutralizing the Army. In Egypt, MB never had any experience at running anything, and they had far less time to get the hang of the rein.

  • Jim__L

    June 24, 2013

    Egypt Tightens Gaza Blockade. World Yawns, Via Meadia Talks About Israel Instead

    Could Morsi’s fall be imminent?

    In a move that calls into question how much power Morsi has at home, the Egyptian military,

    …struggling to fill a security vacuum in the Sinai since autocrat Hosni Mubarak was swept from power in 2011, has pledged to shut all tunnels under the Gaza border, saying they are used by militants on both sides to smuggle activists and weapons….

    The Egyptian army has sternly warned residents in Sinai not to approach the fence with Gaza and to stop trading through
    tunnels or face punishment, according to Palestinian tunnel owners who learned about the order from Egyptian counterparts.

    In spite of Morsi’s easing of passages through the Rafah crossing, in recent days those passages have been limited again, while “officials cited technical problems.”

    Is the army using Morsi once again as the scapegoat for unpopular actions? The diplomatic kabuki continues, as Hamas leadership said they “understood Mursi’s complicated internal situation”.

    At this point it is sheer speculation, but the Egyptian army’s closing of Rafah could be an attempt to isolate Morsi’s government from outside help (the “foreign fighters” so common in today’s Middle Eastern civil unrest), reinforcing the army’s monopoly on the means of violence, possibly in preparation for some kind of ultimatum.

    In a surprise move, Via Meadia, instead of analyzing these actions in terms of the rapidly developing situation in Egypt, decided to wander off into the stagnant bog of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This, despite the fact that that conflict has been more or less in stasis since the wall in Jerusalem went up. Some longtime readers were surprised that actions (like closing of a border) which in previous centuries were signs that some significant event was in the offing, were interpreted solely in terms of how they tangentially related to “the Jews”.

    Hopefully this is not a sign that VM is suffering from any obsession that prevents it from “understanding cause and effect in the world of contemporary politics”, leads it to “misjudge one event after another”, or prevents it from “understanding” (or even directing its considerable collective intellect in an attempt to understand) “the motives of either friends or enemies.”

    Too much soapboxing at the expense of analysis can lead you to miss some significant stuff.

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