The Entitlement State: New York Pols Game Pension System
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  • Nick Bidler

    Hum. Whenever a family-values repub has a scandal, it’s for things that would be unremarkable for democrats to do; when a social-equality dem has a scandal, it’s for things that have a definite monetary impact on the general citizenry.

    In short, I prefer republican scandals to democratic ones.

    • Corlyss

      The Republican scandals wouldn’t be scandals if the MSM didn’t have a double standard as regards hypocrisy. Republicans are flagged on it at the merest whisper; Blue Tammanys could roll out by the gross and the MSM wouldn’t even blink, never mind report ’em.

  • Pete

    A sign of the decay in America is that the political class considers positions of power as an opportunity to loot society.

    And they do it under the cover of ‘doing good,’ ‘serving the community,’ ‘helping the so called underprivileged.’

  • Marty Keller

    Just the latest element for the already-being-written “Rise and Fall of the American Republic.”

  • avery12

    Imo the behavior NY, and everywhere else, can no longer afford is the consistent way blue voters never, ever hold their elected officials accountable for anything. Any behavior from an elected official is acceptable to the blue electorate so long as it is labeled with a D.

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