Why Americans Don’t Want to Invest in France
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  • Nick Bidler

    I think the French will be hit most hard by the collapse of state centrality; France has the worst features of both Northern European national pride and Southern European work ethic.

  • bpuharic

    One longs for the day when the worshippers of capitalism will look at the 2007 worldwide economic collapse, engineered by the masters of the universe, and revile them the same way they do unions.

    • Fred

      Some long for the day when the worshipers of socialism will get it through their thick skulls that 2007 was the popping of an asset bubble, something that has been going on since at least the 17th century. Yet somehow despite those asset bubbles, all that evil capitalism has reduced poverty and raised living standards around the world, not to mention created innovations that save and lengthen lives and provide our poor luxuries kings couldn’t imagine in the 17th century.

      • bpuharic

        Good thing there are no socialists around, isn’t it?

        And asset bubbles somehow always wind up being paid for by the middle class.

  • Corlyss

    ” incomprehensible 3,371-page labor law,”
    For heaven’s sake, don’t advertise that or getting one will zoom to the top of Obama’s list of crippling regulations to foist on the prostrate American electorate.

  • Alexander Scipio

    Back in the day the brother of a good friend was promoted to run AMPEX in Spain. It was loinsg huge amounts of money. He tried to layoff some workers and rightsize the plant. Spain said, “Nope.” So AMPEX shut it down and left the country permanently. Goodyear needs to shutdown in France and leave. Let France sue. So what?

  • Alexander Scipio

    The collapse of the Blue model needs to accelerate. It is slow enough now that it allows idiots who don’t grasp it t(these are called “Democrats”) to keep making new Blue changes to allevate the crash that is unavioidable – thereby making everything worse.

    • bpuharic

      We already have a country where the Red model has been implemented


      Small group of wealthy religious fanatics run the country; no middle class, no middle class rights at all. Oh…and no gun control

      What’s not to like?

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