China Rolls out Red Carpet for South Korean President
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  • bigfire

    At some point, NorKo’s strategic usefulness will be outweighed by the sheer liability it has caused China. That time is nowhere near though.

  • rheddles

    It would be coup for the Chinese to reunite Korea under a regime that would kick the Americans off the peninsula and act like the old Finland.

    • Philopoemen


      I can’t help but wonder if China’s reaction to Park is due in any part to her father? Do China’s technocrats have a special affinity for him?

    • Thirdsyphon

      It would indeed be a coup if reunification turned out that way… but the whole reason that Korea is Korea and not a thousand-year-old province of China is the fierce national pride and independence of the Korean people. They’re nobody’s Finland.

      • bpuharic

        Though I’ve only been to S Korea once, I agree with this. There’s a keen sense among S. Koreans of the danger BOTH Japan AND China can cause. S Koreans are aware that a relationship with the US has its difficulties, but can provide benefits that they are glad to have.

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