Why India is More Like Europe than China
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  • Anthony

    “Both will be severely tested by social and economic challenges in the 21st century….”

    I would hazard a guess and say WRM many countries/nation states will be challenged and tested politically, economically, and socially into 21st century.

  • Vadim Pashkov

    Population of India are Indo-Europeans and Chinese are Asians: two different races.Strange that author missed this important point

  • Jim__L

    “India’s success, partial and sometimes disappointing as it is, is a great sign of hope to the whole world that we can perhaps one day live together reasonably well despite our cultural and social differences.”

    If India can be a country, so can the Equator?

  • froginthewell

    I am afraid you may be disregarding the many ways by which being a democracy slows India down, of which here are two :

    1. Quota systems for the underprivileged classes also means that politicians come to power mainly by manipulating caste quotas and not through developmental politics. This is changing as the success of Narendra Modi et al shows,

    2. Just like the US, and unlike China, India cannot acquire land for infrastructure easily.

    That aside, sorry Amartya Sen is not encouraging Indian reform. He is rarely seen recommending a concrete policy for market or for economic freedom. He wants high taxes and lot of welfare economics.

    He wants more Governmental welfare programs to bring about an “expansion in human capability”. I have nothing theoretically against wanting to improve human capability, but the Governmental programs have mostly proved ineffective and have only stunted the economic growth. We need less government and more economic freedom in India.

    Did you notice that he [edit] usually does not utter one word against bureaucracy/license raj?

    Indian economy sucks mainly because we have been following Amartya Sen instead of Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya.

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