Colleges Suddenly Realize Their Graduates Should Be Employed
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  • Corlyss

    Call me cynical, but I suspect if the studio in question had been owned by Oliver Stone and not Fox, the judge would have rendered a very different decision. I expect Fox to appeal [Chris Petrikin, a spokesman for 20th Century Fox, said: “We are very disappointed with the court’s rulings. We believe they are erroneous, and will seek to have them reversed.”]. I question the ability of the judge to assess accurately or adequately the “educational” environment of crap-for-brains teenaged student. At that age, everything is an educational experience. As long as it can be established as long-standing industry practice and not a novel development to skirt tight post-Meltdown economic constraints, I predict that Fox prevails in the end.

  • three_chord_sloth

    “For many professional careers, an unpaid internship is often the first
    rung on the ladder. Eliminating the practice altogether could make it
    harder for many young people to find paying work.”

    No, it won’t. Even without interns, these professions will still need new blood. They will find a way to perpetuate themselves. I seriously doubt these professions will quietly age and go extinct because their current larval stage has been declared illegal.

    They will find the newcomers they need, and the young will find their way to that door.

  • Andrew Allison

    Just what was it that compelled the interns to take an unpaid position? Could it have been the calculation that it would lead to a better-paid job than otherwise?

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