Dr. Helen Smith on Where the Good Men Are, and Why They Left
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  • bpuharic

    I’m a straight, white, 58 year old male engineer and this is crap.

    This is SO much whimpering and blaming others for the failure of males to understand the basic Jacksonian origins of our own problem

    Two basic questions: who doesn’t have the money…and who does?

    The fact is the middle class has been under attack for decades as a result of the Lewis Powell memo and Reagan’s supply side mythology. WRM says some men are ‘going Galt’. Res ipsa loquitur. Ayn Rand was the greatest spinner of fairy tales since the bros Grimm, and it’s so much easier to blame women, the ‘law’, ‘welfare queens’, etc. rather than question the real growth of wealth among the 1% over the last 30 years and what this means about America as a meritocracy.

    Men have become too lazy, thinking that the failure to assert our economic identity with others in the middle class is not a problem while women, ‘welfare queens’, entitlements, etc are the sources of our economic disenfranchisement. We elected male politicians who had as a religious belief the idea that ‘right to work’ would make us rich. How’d that work out?

    WRM’s book “Special Providence” points out how our foreign policy has its roots in domestic concepts of ourselves. The Jacksonian view has crippled men and made us value myth over reality. THAT is why men are having problems, NOT women or entitlements. When we look at the TRIPLING of income among the 1% over the last 30 years, we see where the money has gone. Why we don’t question it is a question in itself

    • AnotherSimpleMan

      Yes, meanwhile men being 95% of the payors of the $10,000,000,000 in alimony transferred annually is a good thing, as is the due process of men accused of “sexual harassment” on campus. I see your point.

  • ManWithPlan

    I’m a single man in my 30’s. I make a very solid middle-class income with the potential to make a lot more in the future. I’m well-educated and a world traveler. I am responsible and respectful towards others. I am considered handsome by many, and have many wonderful male and female friends. I will never get married, because the risks far, far outweigh the rewards. My life will be about serving my priorities and helping out the causes I feel deserving. And there are more men like me every day.

    • correct behavior ManWithPlan…consider getting your financial affairs “bullet proof” and dating an overseas Latina that shares your common values. She would have to reject the brainwashing that is prevalent here in the USA, however.

  • Anthony

    “But I think a certain void will develop. and there won’t be any men left to fill it. Society will stagnate, culturally and economically.” This is quite general statement societally. What demographic (all men, some men, professional, etc.) is author writing about? Book selling and postulating is my take on Via Meadia’s interview – though I say that based on Quick Take for I have not read book.

  • Matt B

    Men are doing what they want, women are doing what they want, the only ones losing in this society are the children. But hey, they’re resilient.

    • Jim__L

      That last sentence was sarcasm, right?

      • Matt B

        Yes, it was sarcasm. It’s a rationalization that I’ve heard more than once. I don’t buy it.

    • destruction of Western Civilization is the goal of humanists…they’re succeeding on all fronts

  • Kaehurowing

    I’m surprised this article wasn’t censored. It is not permitted to say the things she is saying. Certainly a man would not be allowed to say it.

  • Kaehurowing

    It is now illegal in most states to have men’s only groups. One place that can still happen is in a church. I would urge all men to try to find a church that respects men and form a men’s group. We are doing that in our church to call men to accountability, responsibility and leadership, both as single men and as husbands and fathers.

    • make sure the church is not “run” by women…..good luck!

  • she dresses and poses for the camera like a man….

  • Dr. Smith is a treasure to those who seek to bring real equality, compassion and understanding to the genders. Feminists could learn a lot from her – the new hashtag #EndFathersDay exemplifies the problems Dr. Smith is illuminationg.

  • DukeLax

    I believe that US gender-feminists are going to keep perverting American law enforcement…keep pushing for more, and more “manufactured statistics Alliances” until we reach the point where hetero-relationships are just too much of a legal liability for guys. Many “MGTOW” say we are already past that point!!

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