No, Really?
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  • Corlyss

    “One billion euros in aid that the EU gave to Egypt over the past six years has gone to waste, the EU’s spending watchdog reported today in a scathing assessment. Sixty percent of that aid—€600 million—is unaccounted for.”

    So much for soft power. If Europe’s soft power is merely a euphemism for bribes not to send any Egyptian based terrorists to Europe, then just pay ’em the bribes and stop thinking of it as money for positive economic outcomes in country. Time and again the Arabs prove craftier and more corrupt than their European/American counterparts while the latter are left with the equivalent of cheap Japanese trinkets of the post-war era fame in return for serious money. The Europeans should have kept the money and used it on their own southern tier.

  • Pete

    And what about the billions Uncle Sap pours into that rat hole?

    I’d laugh but some of that waste is my money.

  • ljgude

    Well the mechanism is familiar If a US state wants the federal road or school money it has to implement lots of federal regulations it might not like. Here the values gap is a wee bit larger. We want to advance democratic values and they want implement sharia. We are not only not on the same page, we are not even in the same book. Literally.

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