The World Is Swimming in Shale
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  • purusha

    That’s right! And who cares if it destroys our groundwater!


  • dan7000

    While you keep waiting for shale to be cost-effective, that green energy you keep bashing is already reaching cost parity with oil and gas and will just keep getting cheaper.–sustainable-solar-market-expected-in-2014_100010338/#axzz2LyRXuVHd

    So why no articles on the wonderful world of cheap solar power that’s here today? Why only articles about how someday if only oil gets a little more expensive we will be able to buy tons of shale oil from Russia?

    Could it be that like so many conservatives you are confusing “the american interest” with oil industry interests? What’s really in the American interest is cheap, renewable energy we can generate ourselves in America. It’s already here and it’s not shale.

    • Nick Bidler

      Because, clearly, you have not read Mr. Mead’s articles on the trade war between the E.U. and China over cheaply made solar panels, wearing out in 2 years when they should last 25. Plus, China has subsidized solar panel manufacture more than any comparable country.

      Short version: ‘cheap’ solar is not only not cheap, but is producing international-politics ‘negative externalities.’

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