The Ghost of Chavez: Venezuela Getting Sicker
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  • JDogg Snook

    Right and who didn’t see this one coming…

  • bpuharic

    Unfortunately corrupt capitalism doesn’t seem to work any better than corrupt socialism. Corruption is the common factor

    • Tom

      The latter, however, is much more susceptible to such than the former.

    • rheddles

      Capitalism is not inherently corrupt, socialism is.

  • Pete

    I wonder what that Hollywood twit, Sean Penn, has to say about this.

    He probably would say that it’s George Bush’s fault.

  • Well, maybe there is a little hardship in making the Revolucion’ real on the ground, but egad, man, they have free medical care! Where are your priorities?

  • Luis Phillippe

    it is the “Foro de Sao Paulo”, the latin american communist movement behind those douchebags.
    Their leaders: Fidel Castro, Lula, Chavez and others)

    It is the organization behind the drug lords and all crap coming from south america.

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