How Amazon Can Make You Rich
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  • wigwag

    This is a great story. It’s terrific to see that Via Meadia is on top of this trend. Amazon is doing what it does best; in this case disintermediating the supermarket business while interposing itself as a more nimble and efficient value added intermediary. The idea of expanding the relationship between botique producers and Amazon that Via Meadia highlights in this post is exciting.

    One great example of disintermediation that doesn’t get too much press attention is community supported agriculture and the expanding universe of farmers markets. Both bring down costs while providing incremental value.

    Community supported agriculture provides an opportunity for small family farmers to contract directly with small groups of consumers to sell their produce, eggs, dairy products, meat, etc. The trend is now extending to fishermen. Farmers markets allow farmers to bypass the traditional supply chain and offer their products directly to consumers. There are great farmers markets everywhere from the mall in Santa Monica to Union Square in Manhattan. One of my favorites is in Jackson Heights, the lovely community where Professor Mead resides.

    A continuing challenge for both community supported agriculture and farmers markets is transporting the food they produce in rural communities to their customers in urban and suburban communities. It is easy to picture how Amazon or other value added intermediaries could add value to this relationship for both the producers and the consumers.

  • bigfire

    Interesting. Los Angeles is one of the most geographically dispersed city in the country. If they can make it work here, they can really make it work elsewhere.

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