Who Are the Turkish Protesters?
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  • Fat_Man

    “The economics of the ‘Turkish Spring’” By David P. Goldman On June 3, 2013


    “The credulity that the mainstream media display towards Turkey continues to astonish. One reads today in the New York Times of Turkey’s “booming economy and a self-confidence expressed by the religiously conservative ruling elite,” at a moment when a mass uprising betrays the weakness of the Turkish economy and the bumbling of the ruling elite. As I report in the essay below cross-posted from Asia Times Online, employment in Turkey’s formal economy has shrunk by 5% in the past year (equivalent to the worst of the 2008 Great Recession in the US) and Turkish households are cutting spending under the weight of a crushing debt burden. Western reporters who turn up for a few days in Istanbul see a lot of construction activity, to be sure — that’s because Turkey’s Islamists are spending like drunken sailors on Islamic vanity projects while the private sector is shrinking. Two things have gone terribly wrong for Tayyip Erdogan. The first is his commitment to the Syrian quagmire, and the second (and ultimately more important) is the collapse of his consumer credit bubble.”

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    “In retrospect, analysts of Turkish politics may conclude, Erdogan’s Islamism was not a fresh start for Turkey but rather a belated attempt to pour Islamic glue into the cracks that threaten to fracture Turkish society. He may already have failed. A growing proportion of Turkish voters has concluded that they made a deal with the devil, and that the devil hasn’t kept his side of the bargain.”

  • Nick Bidler

    I am, as a rule, wary of any group that uses the #occupy label, but this group seems to have rather more serious grievances than #occupywallst, which really was composed of the young upper-class new blood and the old lower-class veterans of protestation.

  • ljgude

    Turkish Teapartiers or anti progressive elements trying to bring back the days of Turkey’s founding father – Ataturk. Like all Teapartiers they are on the wrong side of history and will we swept away by the progressive forces of Erdogan and Obama.

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