The End of Snow, 13 Years On
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  • Pete

    And this fool Viner still has his job.


  • Isaac Ohel

    I am glad to read that a revenue-neutral carbon tax is something that you may support. I believe that whether or not you are a “green”, it makes sense.

  • Kavanna

    The only good tax in this area, should it prove necessary, is a tax based on CO2 emission per Joule or BTU. It would hit the hydrocarbons in various ways, coal hardest, natgas least.

    The revenue should be spend on one thing only, planting trees and encouraging plants of all sorts. Plants tend to be shy in any case and need some coaxing :$

    The gasoline equivalent would be a cent or so per gallon.

    I’m sure that even something this simple will be screwed up by our deranged and corrupt political class.

  • Charles R Harris

    I won’t be happy until CO2 is at around 800 ppm. That looks to be a near optimum value for plant growth.

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