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  • ljgude

    One could comment endlessly on such a wide ranging post, but one thing jumped out. The resemblance between the current conflict in Syria and the Spanish Civil War. No implication was drawn nor can we know if the Syrian civil war will lead to broader war – say a general Sunni Shiite conflict. I would add however, that that the current wave of totalitarianism sweeping the Muslim world is, I believe, a direct offshoot of the wave of totalitarianism that swept the Western world in the first half of the 20th century. In that context it is no accident that the founding organization of Islamism, the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of the major players in Syria and in its home country Egypt. Like Hitler, the Islamists say they only want to restore the Caliphate, but they seem quite ready to take Vienna this time. And Paris. And Stockholm. And London.

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