Saudis To Prop Up Pakistan, Isolate Iran
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  • Jim Luebke

    I recently read a book on the first Sikh War. It’s tough to imagine a country being that screwed up — particularly in its military / civilian relations — but it looks like Pakistan has managed it again.

    Is there any point in Pakistan’s past that they were stable and reasonably functional?

    • USNK2

      1957, based on SCOTUS Wm O Douglas travel memoir “West of the Indus” road trip in a station wagon from Karachi to Peshawar through Afghanistan on the way to Istanbul. Pakistan and Afghanistan were stable and reasonably functional. The Douglases found Iran dangerous and went through Kurdistan to avoid most of Iraq.

  • ljgude

    In the Sunni Shia chess game it is not hard to understand Saudi loaning money to Nuclear armed Pakistan as Iran is about to go nuclear. It is interesting that Pakistan mostly fears India while Iran makes noises about wiping Israel off the map. I wonder if we will see a Sunni Shia nuclear showdown between Iran and Pakistan when they both have the bomb.

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