Europe Wants "Backsies" on Green Energy Policies
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  • Atanu Maulik

    I can feel for them. How much of this green bullshit can one take ?

  • Pete

    “We hear so much about how green energy is good for the economy. It’s interesting that the citadel of global greenery is thinking of throwing in the towel.”

    Ah, the inmates who were running the Green asylum are finally being rounded up and put back in their padded cells.

    Love it!

  • Jim Luebke

    Expensive energy is a drag on the whole economy, increasing the cost of every operation in that economy. I’m shocked that the Best and the Brightest (who typically love trying to claim scientific rigor for economics) don’t recognize this as a huge amount of friction, reducing economic efficiency.

  • David Lobron

    An article in the Boston Globe from 5/26 suggests another side to this: sometimes green energy projects create good jobs in otherwise depressed areas. The city of Fall River, Mass. is trying to learn from Bremerhaven, Germany:

    It’s worth noting that the Koch brothers are fanatical opponents of offshore wind, personally financing much of the opposition’s legal challenge. It’s not just environmentalists who sometimes forget to think of the working class: rich people do the same thing, with only selfishness as justification.

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