Nature and Nature’s God
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  • Anthony

    Is there a special reason why Via Meadia chose to re post this?

    • Corlyss

      Just guessing but it probably has to do with Moore, Ok. I’m sure this sounds churlish, just the kind of thought Dems love to hammer conservatives senseless with, but those sturdy Okies skeptical of big government have hardly dried out before they too went whoring after all the disaster goodies the Feds have to offer. “Why not? Why deprive themselves of existing programs even if the programs are wasteful, indulgent, and unsustainable?” is certainly a legitimate question to pose. My response is, “Granted, but the role the government has appropriated is one that should be filled by insurance and charities. Our spending problem has to stop somewhere. If conservatives aren’t going to stand out and declare “Not me!” there’s little hope of fiscal sanity. Of course there will be a Congressional rush to stump up funding for relief, and like Sandy, the Republicans will be bullied by charges of meanness if they even so much as question where the money is going considering there’s already low cost loan and temporary housing programs on the books. Naturally I sympathize with the families who’ve lost everything, including loved ones. It’s not a matter of how much sympathy I have. It’s matter of when is this country going to get serious about its dismal fiscal condition and stop profligate spending even when it has an ostensibly worthy basis, and I DO emphasize ostensibly. The Sandy spending has gone to all manner of non-Sandy related programs that should have been funded out of the general revenue fund, but as soon as NY legislators and executives spotted that wall of money headed in their direction, they syphoned it off to pet projects while the Sandy victims still sleep in the dark and the cold.

      • Umm … You’re right. It does sound churlish. I’m not sure that the good folks in Moore would consider themselves to be “whoring” when their entire community has been wiped out. As a generally conservative member of society (from Texas no less), I do feel that charities, insurance and religion play a large role. However, there is also a necessary role which only government can assume to provide for the common good and help these people get back on their feet. Appropriate Local, State and Federal agencies can and should be made available to assist where needed.

        • TheCynical1

          I feel disappointed that the beautiful spiritual message of the Professor has to be politicized in this discussion, in favor of any ideology.

        • Corlyss

          As I said, I think this disaster job is for charities and, to a very limited extent, local government (strictly for restoring infrastructure, not for relieving individuals of their rightful burden of care and due diligence – just off the top of your head, ya think people who live in Tornado and Hurricane allies ought to be required to build to a stricter code than, say, people who live in a desert? Com’on, what’s the first answer that pops into your head?)

          The “necessary role” for government has been expanded exponentially by the greedy middle class and their enabling pols till there is nothing that is not an appropriate sphere of government self-serving meddling. If the fact that I can’t see the usefulness of encouraging more reliance on government that swings between the corrupt and the incompetent makes me churlish, then churlish I am. I’ve become jaded both to the sanctity of the middle class instincts and to the good-naturedness of the ever present “helpful” government.

  • Anthony

    “Human beingswant to build lives that exclude what we can’t control – but we can’t …. To open your eyes to the fragility of life and to our dependence on that which is infinitely greater than ourselves is to enter more deeply into life.”
    Joy cometh in the morning; very gracious repeat WRM.

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