Not Even Large Oil Reserves Can Save Socialist Venezuela
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  • SF Dude

    Poor Sean Penn– He looks not only heart broken, but very scared that Hugo’s prostrate cancer and localized effects are contagious, soon to be festering in Penn’s mouth.

  • Jim Luebke

    And yet, it’s supposed to be a good thing when government gradually takes over everything instead of taking over everything all at once.

    Socialism is a great way to wreck a country. Why are we trying it??

    • Earl_of_Effingham

      Because there are always people who hate their society and think they are smart enough to come up with something better. In a society such as ours, they are wrong but they rarely pay the price. They are the malcontents.

      And there are some people who think they will benefit benefit personally, in monetary terms or in terms of self esteem and feeling good about themselves, or simply finding an outlet for their bullying tendencies. And they are often right about that. They are the narcissists.

      Both are better at destroying than preserving. Hence those who oppose them are called conservatives.

    • iconoclast

      Because there are always fools who believe in free lunches and plenty of politicians happy to sell the lie. After all, if you have political power in a fascist/socialist state you can appropriate plenty of wealth to make you and your cronies satisfied.

  • BrianFrankie

    “Meanwhile, the WaPo story reports that, according to central bank data, one out of every five basic products isn’t available. The government is responding to this by attacking the media for causing a toilet paper shortage.”
    Since the low quality of the communication in the average state-operated Venezuelan newspaper severely restricts the uses to which it may be put, at least there is some sort of logical connection between the shortage and government blaming the media.
    Yet another example of the Austrian school’s economic calculation problem. Will people never learn?

  • Grunt

    Reward your friends and punish your enemies. It always ends the same way.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    “…It’s almost as if socialism tends to produce oppression and poverty in any country it controls— along with bureaucratic thuggishness, cronyism, and corruption…”

    WMR, everyone knows that this is the result of the Bush Presidency, nothing else.

  • Barb Bf

    If wishes were horses then beggars would ride..

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