Jerry Brown to Cali Spendthrifts: ‘Keep Your Paws Off My Surplus’
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  • As a California native, color me impressed. I’d have thought Jerry would have caved long ago.

  • Jim Luebke

    Fascinating. Could you give us some details? Tax rates, spending rates, pension obligations, etc.

  • California’s “surplus” is a mirage; his budget balances only by ignoring unfunded obligations:

  • rheddles

    A rainy Day fund is the wrong way to go. California has tremendous debt outstanding and an immense unfunded pension liability. Using the surplus to reduce either is responsible. Creating a big piggy bank the teachers and prison guards legislature can raid for any spending spree it wants to conduct is irresponsible.

  • Art Metz

    I never thought I would approve of Jerry Brown as governor, and I’m still not convinced this isn’t a mirage built of accounting tricks. If it is true, then I must say: Well done, Governor!

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