Guess Who’s Leading the UN Disarmament Conference
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  • wigwag

    “Just when you thought the UN couldn’t top it’s decision to put Assad’s Syria on the UNESCO Human Rights Committee (in January of 2013, no less), they’ve gone ahead and done it.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    And let’s not forget the United Nations Human Rights Council. It’s membership includes such paragons of human rights as: Kazakhstan, Libya, Pakistan, Qatar, Sierra Leone and the United Arab Emirites.

    The U.S. contribution to the United Nations should be cut way back or even zeroed out. Why not throw the organization out of New York and let it relocate to Damascus, Tehran or Mogadishu.

    The United Nations is worse than useless.

  • Anthony

    “This Iranian-led disarmament bonanza will be funded by the regular UN budget.” Funding methods are established by UN rules and regulations per charter I believe. Nevertheless, UN falls far short in function as ostensible advocate for disarmament even while acknowledging unique role UN plays as multilateral organization with global membership – membership inclusive of despotic states given plenary voice.

  • Jim Luebke

    “We trust that somewhere on this planet there’s someone who sees the perfect logic in this.”

    Er, maybe whoever makes these decisions is trying to discredit the UN and discourage the US from supporting it?

    Yeah, you have to go conspiracy-theory to make it work.

  • “We trust that somewhere on this planet there’s someone who sees the perfect logic in this.”

    Not the perfect logic, but a suggested POV. When presented with a useless NGO (a tautology, I grant you), let others waste their time running it.

  • Do you think the U.N. does this expressly to piss Americans off?

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