France Now More Euroskeptic Than Britain
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  • “54 percent believing that economic integration has strengthened their economy.”

    Someone should explain to the Germans that all the EU did was keep German goods from pricing themselves out of competition. One rather suspects they’re going to have to reorient their attitudes to reality eventually. The longer it takes to get to that point, the more radical the adjustment will have to be.

    “Perhaps the most shocking result of this poll is just how quickly things have changed in France.”
    Everyone loved it as long as it delivered cheap money. Now that the money comes with nasty conditions, they dowanna play anymore.

  • “The French are also deeply depressed about the performance of their
    domestic leaders (Hollande’s marks are truly dismal), but the EU is
    clearly sharing in the blame.”________Great ! That’s why I was overjoyed when the Socialists took total control of France. I always feel that the greatest anti-dote to socialism is the actual experience of it. I hope the French will not want a repeat experience for a long long time.

  • Jim Luebke

    I would bet that France, Germany, and the UK will ever be part of a “United States of Europe”.

    But, would Provence, Brittany, Scotland, Wales, Bavaria, Saxony, Rhineland, (not to mention Catalonia, Aragon, etc) and all the “states” of that size make a credible go of it?

    Of course, the USE might not have any better luck than the Austro-Hungarians, and it still wouldn’t survive the Euro disaster.

    This is just such a fascinating train wreck to watch.

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