Brown vs. Green: Texas Thumping California
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  • Marty Keller

    “Could this be just the edge the GOP needs to make a comeback?” Answer: yes. Will the GOP hone its message on these facts to engineer a comeback? Answer: don’t hold your breath.

  • rheddles

    “Could this be just the edge the GOP needs to make a comeback?”

    Ha ha ha. What would this do to reduce the power of the teachers’ or prison guards’ unions? California’s real problem is its voters, not its uber rich. When the voters start voting down bond measures for bullet trains and idiotic propositions, then it might pay the GOP to get a clue. Until then just watch the bowers of flowers bloom in the Spring.

  • Andrew Allison

    Further evidence, as if any were needed, that Limo-Libs don’t really give a damn about the working class.

    • Mysticbeetle

      What you say is true. However, the same dimocrats keep getting elected so it’s the peoples choice.

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