Iraq Catching Fire as Syria Burns
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  • “What we do in Syria has broad implications for a country America has invested much blood and treasure trying to stabilize after Saddam.”

    Syria and Iraq have borders drawn a hundred years ago by the French and British. The regimes that filled these borders could only hold up an order by being ruthless and brutal.

    Maybe the outcome of this bloody mess will be different borders and a political situation that provides for actual stability. Or, at least the next round of slaughter will be less confusing.

  • rheddles

    Obama has delivered peace in our time. Withdrawal always signals the end of a conflict.

  • Bob_from_Ohio

    “the conflagration could spread across a region vital to the world.”

    A feature not a bug.

    Having our enemies kill each other is hardly something to worry about.

  • “a country [Iraq] America has invested much blood and treasure trying to stabilize. . .”

    Invested? A bad investment at best. We will have no more success in Syria, another clan-based tribal society ungovernable by liberal democratic standards.

    Better to save our powder for when we might need it, to take out Iran’s nuclear bomb building program for example.

    I hope Israel isn’t pushing for America getting in. This is no time to exhaust the American people’s patience for military involvements in that part of the world.

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