China’s Toxic Smog Changing Urban Culture
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  • ronan

    Waiting for the other shoe (telecommuting evangelism) to drop . . . .

    • Andrew Allison

      It is getting a bit over the top.

  • Andrew Allison

    And it’s not just about China. Thanks to the prevailing winds, much of that crap gets to the US mainland. The air which leaves N. America for Europe is cleaner than when it arrives.

  • I wonder what London’s was in the 19th century? Or Birmingham’s and Manchester’s. LA smog was from automobile exhaust, not coal smoke; it was about getting around in cars, not driving industry with coal-fired steam plants. Clean air may be a luxury that China is not yet able to afford.

  • Happycrow

    I distinctly remember driving through LA during a cross-country move as a kid and barely being able to see the curbs from the middle of a three-lane street. If that was a typically-bad smog day, I hesitate to even speculate what living in China must be like, except as a prelude to “Bladerunner.”
    -Russ in Texas

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