Too Little Too Late? Kerry Announces New Aid for Syrian Rebels
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  • It turns out Uncle Sam is a nice doctor who keeps the sheep alive while they’re butchered. I guess the only thing more cynical would be aiding the butcher “for humanitarian reasons”.

    C’mon, Barry O. Just let a battalion of marine kids take care of business in Damascus and Aleppo and in the meantime send a B-2 to level the presidential palace of Tehran. No more headaches. You need to show people they don’t get your good will for free. Especially the butchers.

  • Jim Luebke

    So, we provide non-lethal aid to the non-Islamist rebels, painting a great big “Friend of Uncle Sam” target on their backs, and failing to arm them against the Islamist rebels who will be aiming for that target with whatever lethal aid they can muster.

    The Iraq War was a tragedy. This is a farce.

  • SF Dude

    Uh… Isn’t much of this “non-lethal” aid fungible? Isn’t there an international arms market that’s basically cash and carry? Who’s kidding whom here?

  • Looks like the grand strategy is “Speak big and carry a soft stick”.

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