Blue Civil War Goes National
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  • Corlyss Drinkard

    Doesn’t translate into Republican votes. Republicans can’t out-Santa Claus the Dems on any program designed to shovel money to the lazy and greedy members of the middle class who keep voting themselves membership into the poverty programs.
    I think another question at least should be asked, even if it can’t be answered at the moment: is the can-do, independent, I’d-rather-do-it-myself spirit that helped make this nation in the 19th century completely dead? Has it been permanently replaced by a staggering lack of self-confidence and ingenuity?

    • Tom

      If such is true, it’s not going to be permanent–such a system can’t last, and therefore won’t.

  • cubanbob

    Blue staters will soon have to choose between paying even higher taxes for gold plated pensions and benefits or forcing the issue and demanding more band for the buck in services.

  • Fat_Man

    Immigration is an issue that cuts both parties in half. Among Democrats, professional pols looking for new rotten boroughs, and wealthy suburbanites looking for maids and yardmen are backing the president’s push for amnesty. But, in 2006 unions and the CBC both opposed Bush on his version of a comprehensive immigration bill. Their fundamental animus towards immigration has not changed, but they may be forced to not publicly oppose Obama. They may act to place subtle barriers in front of the gang of 8 bill. The Republicans are just as divided.

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