Infographic: Prospects For Grads
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  • Andrew Allison

    Could we have a little consistency here please. You have written about the stupidity of requiring a baccalaureate degree for jobs which don’t require one and getting an advanced degree in less you are in love with the subject, and the need for trade schools to educate students for the jobs that are likely to be available, and now you publish in info graphic which repudiates your (correct) arguments?

  • lhfry

    There are shortages in the US of plumbers, electricians, welders, glaziers, auto mechanics, butchers, and probably other tradesmen as well. What we need to do is highlight some really successful people in these fields to show young people that a college degree is not the sole source of a good life.
    These trades require training – I think for plumbers it’s almost 4 years – and that makes them less likely targets for unskilled immigrants. Also, they can’t be outsourced and will probably always be needed. Another draw is the apprenticeship requirement – you work while you are learning, so longterm debt is not likely.
    When I was in the Peace Corps in the late 60s, I met up with German, Dutch and French skilled tradesmen. They read a newspaper every day and were often more knowledgeable about American history than the liberal arts graduates who tended to make up the bulk of American volunteers. I think the Europeans, despite their supposed caste systems, respect skilled trades people and provide (or did once) a decent general education at the high school level in addition to teaching a trade.

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