Unions Bet Future on Seducing Charter Teachers
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  • Corlyss Drinkard

    Unions are despicable rent-seekers. In this day and age, with a DoL and laws about working hours and conditions up the wazoo, there’s absolutely no need for them in the US or indeed the entire western world. For charter schools to even consider letting unions into their organizations spells the death of charter schools as a reform model.

  • qet

    One and a half hours per week more does not plausibly support a conclusion that charter school teachers are “worn-down” relative to their public school counterparts. Each model has a pole to which its exemplars gravitate. In public schools with a unionized teacher force, that model is the classic blue model Via Meadia is always on about (rightly, IMO). In charter schools with a non-unionized teacher force, it is being suggested that the pole is some kind of analog of an early 20th century Taylorized factory. I have my doubts, but it cannot be doubted that unionized charter schools will in short order become indistinguishable from unionized public schools. The co-op model urged by Via Meadia will evolve to resemble either a private law firm oor a private college. Co-op schools will come to emphasize profitability over professional satisfaction and work-life balance, and the same administrator-educator caste system currently plaguing private colleges will develop.

  • TheCynical1

    I like the Professor’s co-op model, although I speculate that not enough teachers are entrepreneurial enough to make it succeed on a large scale.

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