Why Is Morsi Shilling For The Military?
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  • Anthony

    Morsi’s behavior perhaps tied to nature of Egypt’s extractive insitutional patterns. That is, historic politics and economics of nation trend toward narrow elite rule. The Brotherhood may have replaced Mubarak yet failed to establish transforming political structures thereby creating a similar system (military elites and governing elites maintaining an Egyptian pattern). The status quo – control by a narrow elite.

  • Lorenz Gude

    I have read that Morsi, apparently following the Turkish pattern, put his own people into senior positions in the Egyptian military. It is heartening that that he may not have been able to achieve his goals because the economy erodes his power. I think one possibility is that when the economic crisis comes hotter heads will prevail and the Salafists will take power and send the military off on jihad against the Israelis. Or perhaps Egypt will descend into chaos and the military will step forward to take power directly as happens in Pakistan when the civilians fail.

  • JC

    And quite good for Israel too. One could see the Israelis and Egyptian military waiting for the MB to implode, then a military backed strongman and some deal to use Israeli gas.


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