The Next Recession, Brought to You by Student Loans
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  • Anthony

    “The student debt crisis isn’t just a problem for students;” point of fact: outstanding student loan debt was 956 billion dollars 4th quarter 2012 and percent of student loans 90 plus days deliquent was 11% (both data points may revise up after 1st quarter 2013). This phenomenon hurts economically as you infer WRM but most importantly it reinforces downward spiral financially for many American youth.

  • Kelly Hall

    At what point will the government hold student debtors in a state of indentured servitude, as their debts are no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy? When will hiring decisions be made on the basis of applicants’ student loan debt; that is, if it isn’t already happening? If I were an employer, I might be tempted to use an inverse compensation methodology: the higher the applicant’s student loan debt, the lower the salary offered. After all, the deeply indebted candidate is more desperate and less picky.

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