With Health Care Prices, What You Know Could Still Kill You
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  • Those are European receipts. Note the comma as decimal and the period as thousands-separator.

  • davep

    Check out the Surgery Center of Oklahoma . Transparent pricing, no insurance and prices a fraction of so-called “Non-profit” hospitals. I am not associated with them.

  • JD

    As you mention, transparency isn’t very effective when you have a 3rd party paying the bill. The consumer needs to pay a greater share of the bill. HSAs move us in that direction.

  • Lorenz Gude

    I’ve been commenting here and elsewhere that US medical costs are double what they should be for years. I recently complained again on this forum and mentioned the Time article Bitter Pill by Steven Brill. Perhaps I finally got through or Mr. Brill did all on his own. I do not care. It is just so good to see Americans finally understanding what every travel agent outside the US knows – Travel Insurance for travel in US costs twice as much because healthcare in the US costs twice as much. The most interesting thing to me in Brill’s article is that the US healthcare industry spends more on lobbying congress than the defense industry does. Good luck with prying their cold dead fingers off 8% of US GDP.

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