Egypt’s Immobile Government Losing Grip on Security
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  • Corlyss Drinkard

    Ooops. Wrong thread.

  • Anthony

    “Egypt’s Immobile Government Losing Grip On Security” comes as consequence of Arab Spring or institutional legacies? Extractive economic and political institutions generally lead to vicious circle no matter who are contending agents.

  • This is America’s future thanks to corrupt Govt employee’s and the Pols that cronied them into that spot.

  • Take a 7th-Century tribal culture, add 21st-Century weapons and communications, and you’re gonna have a bloodbath every time. Can we remove 21st-Century technology? Nope. Can the civilized world remove barbaric cultures? Ask the NAZis or Imperial Japanese…

  • Fred

    Alexander pretty much beat me to it. But I still can’t resist this quote from John C. Calhoun’s Disquisition on Gonvernment:

    A community may possess all the necessary moral qualifications, in so high a degree, as to be capable of self-government under the most adverse circumstances; while, on the other hand, another may be so sunk in ignorance and vice, as to be incapable of forming a conception of liberty, or of living, even when most favored by circumstances, under any other than an absolute and despotic government.

    Savages are savage, hence the term. What the Egyptians need is a brutal dictatorship. Only then will there be order. It is the only form of government they are suited for.

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