U.S. Businesses Lock Up Their Money
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  • stephen b

    “No one party is alone responsible for the mess”
    Please…Dodd-Frank; Affordable Care Act; Keystone Pipeline; 6 year control of Senate, 4 years control of House, 2 years Senate, House, and White House; no budget in so long I can’t remember last one; I could go on.
    Which party is responsible?

  • Charles R. Williams

    “Party politics are hurting it.” This doesn’t really explain anything. If you want to disguise what you really think you blame process rather than identify the villains in the story. Objectively speaking you have a President pulling the country in one direction and the Republican House pulling in another. The still Democratic Senate wants to lie low. Maybe this election will resolve the issue.

    Compromise rather than clarity is not really in the long term interests of the country. What matters is whether the people make a clear choice to move in the right direction. Deadlock for another two years is not necessarily the worst outcome either.

  • Cromwell

    and how about that consumer confidence number that just printed! 60.6 vs previous 65.9, estimate 66.0!!!!

  • cacrucil

    That’s what you get when you vote for the tea party!

  • Stephen

    Moved > $500K out of the market early in the year when the DJIA > 13K. Haven’t looked back.

  • Sam L.

    Businesses would like some certainty. The certainty they see now says “sit on it”.

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