High Profile DUI Flameouts: Warnings To Us All
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  • As you have noted before, computer operated automobiles will solve this problem too.

  • Luke Lea

    What used to be a misdemeanor has become a life wrecker. I’m not entirely happy with that.

  • John Stephens

    Driving an automobile while intoxicated is a negligent homicide waiting to happen. I’d rather wreck one life than two (or more).

  • Luke Lea

    Believe me, John Ste[hens, I understand the other side of the equation. On the other hand I would like to see more data on accident levels vs. blood alcohol levels. Right now there is a legal cutoff. If you are over it it is a serious criminal offense. Even a glass of wine can get you in trouble. I think this issue needs to be looked at more carefully.

  • Luke Lea

    When there are fatal accidents involving alcohol, what is the average blood alcohol level? What is the statistical distribution?

    Likewise for minor fender-benders.

    What is the accident rate for the barely intoxicated compared to the general population?

    Draconian laws are not necessarily the best laws. We need to look at the data.

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