Russia’s Nightmare Comes Hideously Alive
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  • thibaud

    Such a tease! A post about “nightmare” with Pussy Riot in the lede sentence, and we get this weird redirect to news of a downtown killing in TImes Square. Er, I mean, Aurora, oops, Wisc – I meant Kazan.

  • “…the Russian government may be losing an ideological war that it doesn’t know how to fight.”

    Even if it did know, what has Moscow to offer disaffected Muslims seeking some sort of identity? Russia is a cynical, corrupt mafiaocracy whose prior state religion, Marxism, has collapsed. What have they that compares with fighting and dying for a cause greater than oneself and being rewarded with Paradise?

    You’re right. This may well get much worse before it gets better.

  • Luke Lea

    It seems awfully easy for a small secret group of fanatical Muslims to target public religious leaders for assassination even if they lack popular support. A new form of Gresham’s law.

  • John Haskell

    “We’ll get them anywhere. If we find terrorists in the shithouse, then we’ll waste them in the shithouse. That’s all there is to it.”

    He did, and he did. And that was all there was to it. And if the Tatars want to play, Putin’s ready to dance again.

  • Eurydice

    Putin can add to his nightmares the zombie invasion of the Brezhnev bonds:

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