Iran Courts Empty Victory at Non-Aligned Summit
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  • Luke Lea

    Non-aligned has lost its meaning since the end of the Cold War. Now it sounds like what happens to a bar magnet when you heat it up: pieces pointing every which way.

  • Jack Straw

    “Few organizations in world history have said as much and achieved as little: reams of hotheaded, unrealistic and unworkable resolutions, to no measurable effect.”

    If a new name is in order, I bet Occupy Wall Street would be happy to co-brand. They appear to share similar goals and organizing methods.

    Has anyone heard Ahmadinejad give a mic check? What about the spirit fingers?

  • Ken R.

    At least wait for another three years before predicting doom and gloom for NAM. At the expense of it citizens, Iran has shown that after almost 30 years of sanctions, is able to survive. Even after an eight year war. Presidents like Ahmadinejad come and go and President Obama would probably be here dealing with yet another President of Islamic Republic of Iran. How little people know of Iran’s persistence and resilience.

    India’s president with 30 officials is in Iran, probably site seeing, that by itself is a victory not to mention the visit by Ban Ki-Moon!

    The American Interest lies in friendly relations with Iran and the Islamic World.

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