Is North Korea Starting To Lighten Up?
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  • Richard Treitel

    Hmm, I can remember a similar mood when Bashar Assad succeeded to the throne of Syria. They said he wasn’t like his father. Perhaps he wasn’t, back then.

  • Sam L.

    I might believe it in 10-15 years, but not now. Trustworthy? I think not.

  • Richard White

    I’m going to venture a guess again that this post was written by an intern.

    When a single source like the New York Times is used for a post like this, one must keep in mind that the NYT’s role in American society is the same as that of Pravda in the old Soviet Union. It is the official spokesman of the Party (blue social model).

    Before accepting the literal truth of anything one finds exclusively there, one should consider, why should the Party’s house organ publish such a story, and how did they come across it?

    Since it is unlikely that the NYT has an actual source within the Nork’s kitchen, it is more likely that someone in the state department/intelligence community is the source.

    Why might such a source suggest this story? One possibility is the one posited in the blog entry – the Norks are easing up. Another is that the NK leader is a foodie at heart. At least equally likely, however, is that the Obama administration is seeking to blow some smoke to explain why they will pay some foreign aid to the Nork’s ostensibly to support the moderate faction, but more likely in response to blackmail to keep them quiet and well-behaved between now and the election.

    In screening for new interns, they should be asked: “Is the NYT daily delivered from Gaia carved on stone tablets?” Those who don’t recognize the biblical reference and answer yes probably haven’t read WRM, and may not be intellectually suitable to post under his name.

    If this was not written by an intern, we’ll just attribute it to jet lag.

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