Obama Begging Europe to Delay Greek Exit until after Election?
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  • thibaud

    My goodness. It was just 24 hours ago that Mead was rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of the Tea Party-created “fiscal cliff” shutting down funding for defense spending and thereby pushing Virginia over to Romney.

    I know the campaign season is under way, and emotions are running high, but if Mead wishes his blog to be seen as anything other than transparent partisan hackery, he should get a grip. It’s becoming embarrassing.

  • DirtyJobsGuy

    THis rings true. A Greek exit would roil financial markets and it would be impossible for the press to ignore the fact that deficit spending by the Greeks was to blame. To then say that Obama’s budgets are anything but similar is impossible.

  • thibaud

    Meanwhile, in other news, we now learn of the * THIRD MASS SHOOTING in the US * within one month – and not one word from Via Meadia.

    A pity Mead can’t blame this latest massacre, and the one in Wisconsin, and the one in Aurora, on those evil no-good European hypocrites.

  • thibaud

    “Via Meadia hopes this isn’t true because we’d hate to think any U.S. president would do something so clueless and self-serving”

    Does Mead really believe that what a GOP Senator recently called “the most irresponsible act in modern times”, ie the TP/Norquistians’ determination to push us over the cliff and shut down defense spending, is not “clueless” and “self-defeating”?

    Why so?

  • Kenny

    “Via Meadia hopes this isn’t true because we’d hate to think any U.S. president would do something so clueless and self-serving. ”

    Mr. Mead. Mr. Mead.

    This is [Barack -Eds.] Obama you’re speaking of. How could you think otherwise? Where have you been for the past three and a half years?

  • Mick The Reactionary

    A good long-term (2 months is a long term in Obamaland, no?) strategic thinking on part of administration. Greek exit will create financial crisis, perhaps panic, probably short-lived.

    If that to happen before Elections, Obama will loose in a landslide.
    While arguably a well deserved outcome, ironically Ob has nothing to do with Greek-mess.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    “This is [Barack -Eds.] Obama you’re speaking of. ”

    Omitting the first name of the president is now a Komment Kontrol offense?


    Does Mead know about your antics?

    [Yes, he is aware. And no, it wasn’t about omitting the first name, but more about dwelling on his middle name, which is not adding anything to the conversation.

    Further comments on posting moderation will be deleted without comment. And repeated offenses will get you banned. Which, honestly, would be a shame, Mick, since when you’re not being a troll, you do add some value. Stay on topic. -Eds]

  • Gene

    Thibaud accusing someone of partisan hackery? Pot, meet kettle.

    Most of the actual isolationists I know are Democrats and libertarians.

    What scares me is what promises Obama is making behind the scenes to the Euros. What European entities will get bailed out with U.S. funds in the year to come?

  • Snorri Godhi

    It looks like I am more cynical than our distinguished host, or even the previous commenters: I believe that pretty much any leader would act that way in Obama’s shoes.
    Of course most leaders would be tactful, but talented political leaders know how to make themselves understood without saying anything incriminating.

    What I have trouble believing is this:
    “European leaders are thought to be sympathetic to the lobbying fearing that, under pressure from his party in Congress, Mitt Romney would be a more isolationist president than Mr Obama.”

    More isolationist than Obama??

  • Corlyss

    Obama begging. There’s an image to conjure with. I’m suprised he has any knees left in his suits. Has he done anything else vis foreign countries since he got into office?

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “we now learn of the * THIRD MASS SHOOTING in the US * within one month – and not one word from Via Meadia.”

    I have to agree with our young high-strung friend.

    There is epidemic of mass shootings in the US.

    Obama administration negligently and incompetently allowed a great explosion in gun violence.

    Allegedly they even exported guns to Mexico to spread gun violence, formerly unique to the US, to other countries.

    I agree with Tb, Obama has to loose to stop the madness.

    More is here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irony.

  • Nathan

    I’m in with [email protected] Thibaud, you’re the one that brings partisanship into stories where it isn’t otherwise present. You’re unhinged.

  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead’s kiddies show they have been well trained in political correctness — and they imagine themselves educated.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Is his middle name inherently offensive, or only offensive in the absence of his first name?

  • Jim.

    Yes Mick, please stay on topic.

    Please remain tasteful.

    Especially, please do not engage in repeating tasteless partisan talking point attacks ad nauseum, whether they’re on topic or not.

    After all, you’re a Conservative. Such behavior would get you banned.

  • thibaud

    The real offense here is Mead’s. He smirks and smiles at one side’s deliberate blackmail in bringing defense spending to a standstill before the election. And then has the gall to pretend that he’s standing up for principle on the Eurozone breakup issue.

    Shameless. Beneath a college professor, really. Does his employer know about this behavior?

  • Kenny

    Mrs. Davis asks: “Is his [the president’s] middle name inherently offensive, or only offensive in the absence of his first name?”

    The answer is ‘no.’

    Rather, it’s that Obama’s middle name reveals too much about the man that the self-anointed cultural elite would like to keep under the rug.

    And why? Because, the hoi poli out there might get ‘wrong ideas’ in their ignorant heads if the ‘H-word’ was bandied about too much and then who knows what what happen. Right?

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Mrs. Davis: Via Meadia comments policy right from the beginning has been to insist on basic respect for the President of the United States, whoever he or she may be. In our perhaps fallible judgment, this includes following White House usage about how to cite his name.

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