U.S. Patching Together Gulf Defenses against Iran
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  • “the plans for missile defense in Europe have been settled by public diplomacy without a hitch,…”

    Aside from that “reset moment” when we slapped Poland and the Czech Republic in the face.

    Still, I’m glad to see some measures being taken in the Gulf.

  • SteveMG

    Well, the question is whether these measures are designed, in part, to complement an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities or are they designed as a response to the acquisition by Iran of nuclear tipped missiles?

    To employ the old Cold War terminology: containment or rollback?

  • Kevin

    I would hardly describe the European issue as settled without a hitch. It left major heartburn with the Central Europeans who felt betrayed.

    My first take was that this initiative is all about how to live with an Iran with nukes and more ir less throwing in the towel on any hopes of preventing it.

  • John Burke

    Um, how is this not a “hitch” in the diplomacy:


    The President of a major NATO ally, one which contributed troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, says his nation was “betrayed” by the US administration. If there were anything resembling a fair press, this would have been a huge story. In any case, Via Media ought to take some note if it.

  • A wild rumor from a couple of days ago, but, it may make sense of this article FWIW:

    “Source: Iran readies attacks against Saudi Arabia, Qatar” By Reza Kahlili on 08/01/2012

    Iran is preparing for a direct attack on Saudi Arabia should Syria’s Bashar Assad be in danger of falling to rebel forces that the Islamic regime believes are being supported by the Arab kingdom, according to a source within Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Iran also blames the Saudis for unrest in two of its provinces.

    “Dozens of Iranian ballistic missiles have been preprogrammed to hit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia,” the source said. “Qatar will also be hit at the same time as it is directly involved with the events in Syria.”


    Very Interesting.

  • Does anyone hate Persian Shiites more than Arab Sunnis?


    Has Saudi Arabia already given Israel overflight rights if they decide to attack Iran?


    Give the Saudis ONE nuke.

    Problems solved.

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