Obama Complains: The Press Hates Me!
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  • Anthony

    An observation: the majority of Fourth Estate played a major role in both rise and election of President Obama – sans professional scrutiny.

    A brilliant man once said that “a house of delusion is easy to build but drafty to live in.”

  • Iustus Peccator

    Thank you for acknowledging that, in most ways, liberals-not conservatives. are the true historical heirs to the Puritans. The greatest manifestation of this historical fact has run like a fault line through American history: The knowledge class holding onto the power that is “rightfully” theirs, in constant struggle with the “unenlightened” business class that threatens to devour the nation/colony with its “immoral, corrupt” values.

  • thibaud

    “few challengers have ever had such a hard time getting a break from the media as Governor Romney”

    Whining Mitt Romney’s supporters do him no favors with their own whining. Not only is it unmanly; it’s a really bad campaign tactic.

    As GOP operative John Weaver snapped, “Stop whining and release your tax returns. There is no whining in politics.”

    The narrative’s now in place for Romney’s impending defeat: You see, the GOP didn’t have a spineless and inept candidate; they were done in by the all-powerful mainstream media!

    The same media, btw, that our host constantly tells us is irrelevant, impotent, on its deathbed. Right.

  • thibaud

    Perhaps the interns are writing the drive-by posts now. How else to explain the failure to recall, back when the network media and the major dailies and newsmagazines dominated the discussion, those media’s treatment of

    – Ross Perot

    – the “feminized” Al Gore

    – the “WImp” President aka George HW Bush

    Oh, and who was that candidate, the one whose entirely reasonable comment about the Pentagon’s spin machine was twisted way beyond recognition by the press? Let me see…. I seem to recall that this unfair media distortion caused something of a snag in his campaign… Oh, I remember now: George Romney in 1968!

    Quit whining, gents.

    Politics ain’t Bainbag.

  • Atlanta Lawyer


  • vanderleun

    ” If even Barack Obama, the most coddled and cosseted politician in modern American history, thinks the media is against him,”

    There’s another possibility. Obama is lying. Ye olde briar patch gambit.

  • cacrucil

    This piece isn’t good. The established media – I like how this web site uses the phrase mainstream media a la fox news – don’t favor liberals so much as they favor what’s “cool” and trendy.

    The media emphatically favored Bush over Gore, and they were definitely against the Clinton administration. Where was the supposed pro democrat “main stream media” when a bunch of Jesse Helms proteges on the d.c. circuit court of appeals removed Robert Fiske – a legitimate professional prosecutor and a Republican to boot – and replaced him with Ken Starr, the epitome of a clinton hating arch conservative? The judges claimed that Fiske was compromised ethically because he was appointed by Janet Reno, yet they replaced him was someone who was unabashedly biased against President Clinton. I realize this is VERY old news, but I think it’s important to point out these stories when conservatives complain about their treatment in the press.

    Furthermore, the GOP should be trashed day and night in the media for one reason, their debt ceiling circus was – and I am not engaging in hyperbole – the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in American politics. Serious experts, and even big time GOP friendly corporate ceos, said that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would make the lehman failure look like child’s play. Yet these tea party folks said on camera that these ceos and economists were “lying.” Pathetic! Even the GOP class of 94 didn’t refuse to raise the debt ceiling. The GOP deserves to lose for that incident alone.

  • Glen

    Just like the Progressive of the early 20th Century, Obama strongly believes that his superior intellect and moral sensitivity endows him with an absolute right to rule. And just like the earlier Progressives, he sees the Constitution and other republican institutions of democratic governance as obstacles to be overcome. In their view, the media is just one of the many ill-informed and less cognitively-capable groups which must be conquered in order to help them.

    When you have right and God on your side, any means justifies your ends.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    How divorced from reality do you have to be not to see how the Leftist Main Stream Media is spinning everything in your favor or not reporting on it at all?

    It is unwise for America to be administered by such a deluded President.

  • Steve Gerow

    I believe he’s really reassuring them they’re doing fine and keep up the good work.

    He’s attempting to negate any guilt harbored by folks who were once thought of as journalists for completely abdicating their job over the last few years vis-a-vis Obama.

  • jammer

    The only thing the left wing news media could do to show more support for Hitler, would be to collectively change their names to obama Daily Press, or something similar

  • Iustus Peccator

    Ah the last commandment is a hard thing.

    I envy Thibaud so, for getting paid to post.

    C ‘est la vie.

  • Jack

    When even comics are afraid to make fun of the President and don’t, you have to consider how in the tank the MSM is for the current occupant of the White House.

    Eliminate all Hollywood tax breaks.

  • Jim

    The media has always been for Obama. he is just mad cause they do say something about Romney(though nothing good) which takes to much press away from his blaming the GOP Congress for his failure

  • West

    Yeah, the media really hated Clinton.

    Well, sometimes it’s good to know who to never, ever get into a conversation with because you have no common reality on which to base any kind of communication.

    Thanks once again for some sober analysis, WRM – and for inviting the nuts to self-identify.

  • tom mcgregor

    You mean: Obama cannot walk on water?
    Unemployment is not 3% ?

    Is it a ‘lovers quarrel’…or a real divorce ?


    ” There’s a totalitarian impulse and a deep hostility to the concept of public debate lurking not far below the surface here”

    I’d put it a bit differently: scratch a leftist, find the fascist writhing underneath.

  • tom mcgregor

    I like my comment humorous..Censorship on your part is unacceptable.

  • tom mcgregor

    Moderate your own BIAS…

  • Marc Johnson

    I worked for the Chicago Sun-Times during the Obama election cycle and was amazed at the complete and utter fawning over Obama in the Sun-Times. They reported nothing negative about the One, but went out of their way to dig up everything possible on those running against him. They did it in 2008 and are doing it again in 2012.

    I think Obama’s issue with the press is that there is any dissension at all.

  • Seriously? The press is 90% Dem.

    This is like Bush complaining that married Cuban-American churchgoing small business owner veterans don’t give him a fair shake.

  • Daniel

    Obama’s mother was a communist in the days of Stalin
    Obama’s father was a communist in the days of Stalin
    Obama’s maternal grandparents were communists in the days of Stalin
    Obama’s supporter, associate, friend and alleged author of O’s autobiographies was a communist (and terrorist) in the days of Stalin.
    And yet you are surprised that Obama does not like criticism when the vast majority of media suppress reporting most events and almost all analysis that goes against him?

  • Robert

    The media function as the agitprop arm of the left. Any daylight you spot between those two is purely accidental.

  • Tarquin the Meek

    Progressives as heirs to the Puritans? They have a newer ancestor than that, though.

    The last ideological faction that believed:

    – They had a monopoly on “respectability” in American politics, the right to decree what speech was and was not appropriate, and the right to declare who was or was not the right sort of person
    – They were the elite Americans who understood proper culture, manners, and education
    – Their opponents were shabby fanatical populist riffraff, manipulated by greedy capitalist thugs
    – The general populace was too stupid to be entrusted with the reins of power
    – Partisan deadlock (that is to say, refusal to do what they want) had rendered the country essentially ungovernable
    – Elections were not valid unless they won

    … was finally crushed by the Union Army in 1865.

  • Yahzooman

    #7 cacrucil regarding the GOP failure to vote for the debt ceiling:

    Mr. Obama, while a Senator: “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

    — Sen. Barack Obama, March 16, 2006

  • Cicero said that “time and chance happeneth to them all” and Obama sure was lucky. Right place, right time and all the rights traits to be the perfect liberal candidate. He had no experience and Congress took full advantage of him causing the debacle of 2010. He is still nearly unassailable as the symbolic first black president but he also has fallen far short of the impossible expectations he raised. So yes even the fickle press has turned on him to a small extent and he can feel it. He is naive to complain about it. They are not called the jackals of the press for nothing and, yes, they really do eat their young.

  • Yahzooman

    As he sees it, the liberal narrative is “the truth”, competing narratives are “factually incorrect”, and the press has a duty not to treat truth on an equal basis with falsehood.

    What is truth?, he asked mockingly.

    Pontius Pilate, as I recall, was recently the News Director at channel VII Action News.

  • Brock

    What’s more delusional than his view of the press is his implied belief that he could change the American debate about politics (i.e., bring the American center to his point of view) if he just had better messaging. The idea that the American people are hearing him just fine, AND DISAGREE, just doesn’t seem to compute.

  • it’s no wonder Obama believes this.

    The press is slowly discovering that Obama will soon be gone and they will still have to sell themselves as relevant to the public that rejects him.

    They will carry him as much as possible but even they can’t pretend “all is well”.

    Whichever MSM branch abandons him earliest is the one most concerned with audience growth vs their niche market

  • Koblog

    An reporter (Washington Post, I believe), now old and having written a book, was discussing his book on CSPAN some years back.

    He told how he as a young reporter covering the Kennedy campaign in 1960 came upon the fact of JFK being a womanizer. He took the story to his editor, who promptly spiked it.

    You see, everyone knew in 1960 that JFK was an adulterer and that there was no way John Kennedy would have been elected if the American people had known of his lack of self control and adultery. But they gave certain people a pass in those days.

    The reporter, though perplexed at the time, was now proud of covering the story up as he spoke on CSPAN, and was horrified that the Monica Lewinsky story had broken.

    But consider how history would have changed had that newspaper told the story they all knew: Kennedy would not have been elected or assassinated, Johnson would not have become president, Vietnam would have been handled very differently — if it happened at all — the Great Society would not have been founded, the black family would not have been destroyed as government became the new father.

    All because a member of the press did not tell the story they all knew.

  • Marty

    “Liberals are often some of the least tolerant people when they are sure they are right; like the Massachusetts Puritans from whom, culturally and intellectually, much of modern American liberalism descends, they believe in freedom for God’s Elect — and force to make the heathen and the unenlightened Do Right.”

    I am SO glad to see you put it thatw ay because it is exacytly correct and never noted–liberals are today’s Puritans, but without teh common sense.

    And you are also absolutely correct about the “totalitarian impulse and a deep hostility to the concept of public debate”, I would only object that it does not lurk below the surface, it’s right there in the open for anyone not wearing blinders to see. Not just toward the media, but the use of executive orders and adminitrative letters that clearly contravene the law and for which there is no legal warrant.

    As Ralph Peters put it (I paraphrase, but this is close): In the chest of the social science professor beats the heart of a commissar.”

    Take away the romantic hyper-nationalism and Mussolini is Obama’s closest role model in many ways–in style, in the substance of his domestic policies, and in his posture towards opposition. I imagine that strikes many as over-the-top–but think about it–take away the romantic attachment to national greatness, war and uniforms and conquest, and what’s left of Mussolini that doesn’t fit Obama and early-21st Century American liberalism? Anyway, Obama is a product of Chicago machine politics, which is nothing if not Fascistic.

  • Rufus T. Rumpswab

    “Liberals are often some of the least tolerant people when they are sure they are right;”

    And they’re always sure they’re always right.

  • ben h

    I don’t see the president’s statements as a ‘complaint,’ I see it as a threat. The media is rewarded with access – to media organizations that don’t present the desired narrative, access is denied.

    Obama is telling the media to get in line or they will not get the story.

    You can understand his frustration. He has gone all out on what the media cares about (gay stuff – are there any straight men in the MSM anymore, just asking), which can potentially hurt him with some allies. He expects some serious quid for his quo.

  • 11B40


    For a couple of decades now, I have believed that, to be a good, modern day liberal, one had to have missed out on two important “fairytales” (if one can still use that term) in one’s youth.

    The first was the “The Sky is Falling” and its requisite chicken. If something both impacts and disturbs me, it is obviously the imminence of the end of the world.

    More to the point, however, is “The Princess and the Pea” or perhaps that should be updated to “The President and His Media”. Now matter how many mattresses today’s media provide to protect our President from the dreadful pea of reality, it still hasn’t garnered his “basic trust” (versus his basic mistrust). There’s always more that the media should be doing.

  • S P Dudley

    There was a recent analysis that said the Legacy media’s coverage of Romney was 86% negative. Perhaps Obama still feels that’s too friendly?

    I’d hate for this guy to get any more power than he has already. God help us if something really serious (such as a WMD attack) hits American soil and then he uses that as the excuse to really clamp down on his perceived enemies.

  • RS

    For the true narcissist, there’s NEVER enough adoration.

  • See

    Obama or Carter????
    Quote from above article —
    One former White House staffer moaned that the reflexive anti-administration slant of the media undercut the president at every turn: “The feeling was, ‘man, we can’t catch a break,’ ” he told the Times, describing the White House view of the press in 1979. —
    You need to fix date!!!
    Good post though!!!

  • Nate Whilk

    Marty says: “Take away the romantic hyper-nationalism and Mussolini is Obama’s closest role model in many ways–in style, in the substance of his domestic policies, and in his posture towards opposition.”

    And, as has been noted before, in his physical posture as well, namely the up-tilted chin.

    thibaud says: ‘As GOP operative John Weaver snapped, “Stop whining and release your tax returns. There is no whining in politics.” ‘

    First of all, it’s Crazy Harry Reid’s accusation, made with zero evidence. HE has to prove it or be known as a malicious lying rumormonger. No one has to DISPROVE it.

    Furthermore, if Romney does answer it, it validates that type of accusation and opens the floodgates to more of the same.

    Oh, and whining? Tell Obama to stop.

  • mark l.

    the press?

    they used to care to report the deaths of us soldiers, when the president was a white conservative.

    three questions that libs can’t answer, because the media won’t tell them:

    1. how many soldiers have died in Afghanistan, under Barack Obama?

    2. how many soldiers have died in Afghansitan, after UBL was killed in Pakistan?

    3. how much is Obama spending on Iraq and Afghanistan?

    1. currently, 1448. 630 died under bush, over eight years.

    2. over 450 soldiers have died in Afghanistan, after bin laden was killed in Pakistan.

    3.our five peak military spending years…
    2008, 185.7 billion.
    2010, 171.0 billion.
    2007, 170.9 billion.
    2011, 170.7 billion.
    2012 is not fully on the books, but 2009 still represents our fifth most expensive yearat 155.1 billion.

    obama will own four of our six most expensive years.

    protests to resume, when they can no longer be deemed racist.

  • Joe

    Lets leave MSM behind. It is the
    Ministry of Propaganda of the
    regime of the Blue State political

  • Before writing anything else I want to say that I’m sickened by the Obama campaign because it’s dragged the upcoming election into the gutter.

    My wife died of cancer because of Romney?!

    Chicago politics.

    Obama became a Senator because EVERYBODY else was excluded.

    He ran against NOBODY!

    Bill O’Reilly had an interesting report that says that the liberal MSM can sway the election by 3-4%.


    Given the closeness of this election, that media could destroy the America that most of us now love.

  • Dan

    You’re a partisan hack.

    “As he sees it, the liberal narrative is “the truth”, competing narratives are “factually incorrect.”

    The Republican position isn’t just a competing narrative, it’s a campaign to redefine Obama based on outright lies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMv28sYQzCY&feature=player_embedded

    Your own candidate says Obama is waging a WAR ON RELIGION. That IS factually incorrect.

    “Liberals are often some of the least tolerant people when they are sure they are right.”

    Listen to your own commenters, “The only thing the left wing news media could do to show more support for Hitler, would be to collectively change their names to obama Daily Press..”

    How can you expect us to respect people calling Obama Hitler?

    Conservatives calling Obama Hitler = tolerant
    Democrats saying people who call Obama Hitler are ridiculous = not tolerant

    You’re lost.

  • thibaud

    Quit whining, gents. It’s pathetic.

    Mitt’s whining will generate the same results it did for his predecessors:

    Mike Dukakis, 1988: “I resent it!”

    Bob Dole, 1996: “Stop lying about my record!”

    John Kerry, 2004: “Dishonest! Disgraceful! Despicable!”

    Man up and tell us what your guy’s hiding in those tax returns.

  • thibaud

    #41 michael – “the Obama campaign [has] dragged the upcoming election into the gutter. My wife died of cancer because of Romney?!”

    Funny, but Romney’s own spokeswoman said, “If people had been in Massachusetts, under Gov. Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care.”

    ObamneyCare is humane and vital – except when it’s not!


    A universal healthcare system is admirable and worthy of emulation – except when it’s not!


    Keynesian stimulus is horrible – except when it’s not!


    Poor Eric Erickson. Poor Republicans. I feels yer pain.

  • Wade

    The Chic Fil A dust up is a microcosm of what Democrats would do if given the power. And the only reason Obama doesn’t take the power is the agenda is not down the road far enough yet.

    The Founders warned us that despite the protection of the Constitution the citizens still must demand a candidate be honest and trustworthy as giving the power of the presidency to one without those traits would spell disaster.

    We are seeing it now as we see Obama usurp power never given to the office and the other two branches of government powerless ( or unwilling) to stop him. A second Obama term will be the most lawless the nation has ever experienced.

    But there will always be tyrants waiting for a citizenry sufficiently ignorant and gullible to hand them the reins of power. In November we may meet our worst enemy……….us!

  • mark l.

    How can you expect us to respect people calling Obama Hitler?

    you shouldn’t. You ‘should’ hold equivalent disdain for the same people who gave us:


    demunderground is the first hit on google.
    dailykos has ‘122 items’ related.

    i’ll stomach the comparisons, but not the equivalency. both sides who commit this sin are equivalent [profanity removed].

    it seems that you cannot except the transgressions of one side, while using it to indict the other…

    it’s delusional thinking.

  • Lazarus

    I hearken way back to another via Media piece in which WRM talked about the delusions of the Dems being supported by positive and loving feedback by the MSM. He likened it to a self-reinforcing echo chamber that deafened their ears to the sound of reality. And when reality reaches out and bites them in the [rear], the Dems and the press are caught off guard and cannot understand how such a thing could come to be. As I recall that argument, I am reassured. I just wish their critics would stop pointing out their delusions to them. I would much rather they continue to wallow in it. Its just too much fun, and satisfying, to watch as the echo chamber implodes and the house of delusional cards does a meesy version of 52 Pick Up.

  • Dave H

    Dan: about Romney running a “campaign to redefine Obama based on outright lies.” You’re absolutely right. But it’s Obama’s outright lies that he’s using.

    Your stated position on the “Republican position” illustrates perfectly not only the author’s point but the old adage that liberals don’t get irony.

    Also: I believe “thibaud” is Old Norse for “troll”.

  • nperry

    Apparently, the Dems and the left doesn’t consider the msm to be “the media” at all. That is the only way they can say “the media” (meaning the dissenting Fox News Channel and other dissenting opinions) is against Obama.

    But so what? All presidents and candidates have had their detractors and critics, and newspapers have always endorsed candidates and not always an incumbent president. So why is Obama so bent out of shape? Does he really think he deserves unconditional approval from everyone? For a politician, that’s not realistic and frankly, he sounds a bit unhinged.

  • mark l.

    Your own candidate says Obama is waging a WAR ON RELIGION. That IS factually incorrect.

    hyperbole, and yet the obama admin went with the theme of the ‘gop’s war on women’.

    just as factually incorrect as romney’s meme…
    it’s life. get over it. both parties test the boundaries of civility, before they tear them down.

    “You’re lost.”
    own a mirror?

  • Lee Moses

    When was the last time Obama held a press conference? Worse, how much has the press complained about the lack of Obama press conferences? It seems that the arrongance of most talking heads and “national reporters” left and right, is only exceeded by their incompetence

  • Phantomorphan

    If I remember correctly, Slate did a survey of its own news staff in ’08 and found that backing for O was 55 to 1. To its credit, it admitted this. (Where’s “diversity” when you need it, liberals?) But I think the same would have been the case at the NYT, WaPo, NBC, NPR, etc. The fact is that the vast majority of the MSM — somewhere around 90% — joyously supported and voted for O. If “The One” truly thinks he’s being mistreated by such staunch supporters, he’s even more delusional than his leftonomics would indicate.

  • mark l.

    “When was the last time Obama held a press conference?”

    how bout a conference where the questions aren’t pre-screened?

    the showstopper question:
    “Mr. President, 1448 soldiers have died in Afghanistan under your watch, after you increased troop presense from 25k to 95k…

    how many more do you believe will have to die before you can declare ‘mission accomplished’?”

  • dgforbes

    The press has … a very narrow bandwidth when it comes to helping the public understand the tough and complicated issues of the day.
    How many trees would the press have had to fell to examine the intricacies of the 2,700 page Obamacare legislation which many members of Congress admitted they’d never read, never mind tried to explain (how come lawmakers get a pass from Obama on understanding his laws?).
    I forget how long Dodd-Frank was.
    The point is that what people would have gleaned from these legislative mastodons wouldn’t have meant much because the real detail, after passage, was left to unaccountable, unelected regulators.
    How much bandwidth does the public have to understand every aspect of huge new laws that even lawmakers and the press can’t digest.
    But, of course, that’s deliberate. Stun everybody with bigness and do the real stuff while no one is paying attention.
    The template for Big Government or Big Anything, really.
    I read the original NYT piece and thought it was classic Obama and classic NYT. Him for blaming everyone else for not comprehending his sheer transcendentalness and the NYT for agreeing with him.

  • BlackSaint

    We needed a bigger-than-life President – we got Comrade Zero.
    We needed a well-grounded stable President – we got a certifiable narcissist.
    We needed bold leadership – we got a teleprompter
    We needed a seasoned hand – we got a hand in in our pockets
    We needed a champion for American citizens… we got a champion for the invading horde of Illegal Aliens
    We needed a skilled bridge builder – we got a class-warfare specialist and inciter-in-chief.
    We needed practical, proven policies – we got socialist dogma and monumental waste
    We needed an inspirational visionary – we got an ideologically blinded, left learning-impaired radical
    We needed a Constitutional champion – we got a domestic enemy of the Constitution
    We needed a restrained, respected and intimidating warrior – we got groveling, bowing, Barney Fife
    We needed a patriot – we got G. D. America, G. D. America, G. D. America.
    We needed someone to unshackle our economy – we got someone who is a friend to our enemies and an enemy to our businesses
    We needed a president beyond color – we got a green president embracing every whim and myth ever spoken by the kook environmental fringe.

    We needed mature, principled leadership – we got a petulant, lying, whining, blaming, sulking, accursing, excusing, man-child.

    It is a national disgrace that someone this incompetent, racist, and a American hating Socialist could be elected to the office of the Presidency.

  • Harry Bradford

    Most coddled? Must be all that vacation time. Oh, wait, that was “W”.

  • Harry

    What happens if Obama gets re-elected, and ends up with a Republican Senate and House. How does he make good on his “evolusionary vision”? Fast and Furious will still be waiting, as will a budget showdown, questions on Solyndra and all the other issues will still be there. And the “canary” in the White-house has yet to be outed. Obama has made a lot of unsubstansiated accusations against his Republican opponent, and has gone with negative campaigning where no incumbant has ever gone before. I believe the bad economy and the President’s own negativity makes the best case against his re-election. The split in our electorate is so severe, as to be truly worrysome. I think you need a calm and stable hand, to tone down emotions, or this whole “historic experiment” may very well cause the end of an empire.

  • donzi_boy

    Romney is not getting as hard a time from the press as Ronald Reagan did in 1979. To most of the press Reagan was a washed out actor and most of us believed them until the debates. By lowering voter expectation about Reagan he was able to impress us and discombobulate Carter. Discombobulation won’t happen to Obama who has much more of the killer instinct than Carter ever had however Romney has all the upside potential.

  • RobLACa

    “How can you expect us to respect people calling Obama Hitler?”

    “Conservatives calling Obama Hitler = tolerant
    Democrats saying people who call Obama Hitler are ridiculous = not tolerant”

    This is a democrat DOPE FIEND MOVE.

    Who is us? These are the same losers who call President Bush Hitler and worse.

    Dan is everything he shamelessly accusing those he can never measure up to or beat in elections on merit or honesty of being.

    Obama calls AMERICANS the enemy. Anyone who apposes his sheep or his failed policies.

    This registered democratic AMERICAN would rather refer to Obama and his boot lick followers as traitors.

    Cacrucil wrote:

    “Furthermore, the GOP should be trashed day and night in the media for one reason, their debt ceiling circus was – and I am not engaging in hyperbole – the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in American politics.”

    This is what this idiot democrat is saying… Our cohorts in the media should be committing election fraud day and night because we democrats cannot win any other way.(nose in the air).

    That is the most despicable thing he has ever seen in politics? An imaginary non crime and you want the GOP trashed so the criminal organization of democrats can remain in power, can you say DOPE FIEND MOVE.

    How about this for despicable. “The war is lost” which earned his a letter from the front lines containing this line….


    This was when democrats were in the COMPLETE MINORITY AND OUT OF POWER.

    Now take Reid’s latest foot in mouth false claim against Romney not paying taxes and Obama’s attack on Romney falsely accusing his of causing people to die and not caring. These are the most despicable DOPE FIEND MOVES made by a criminal organization that fiends for power and tax payer dollars.

    You’re the one that’s lost and you’re the one that’s going to lose.

  • No one important

    Obama lives in a world of his own creation. He dismisses anyone who disagrees with him….there us always something wing with you, not him.

    He dismissed a poll of small businesses owners….said they were wrong. Never mind they were trelling him why they weren’t hiring…..he just refused to listen to it.

    You see, for a narcissist, they are never wrong. Ergo obama can’t learn from mistakes because in his mind, he never makes a mistake.

    There isn’t any learning curve with someone who is so arrogant in his ignorance.

    And how dare you question him……

    Obama i’s just flat out dangerous for our nation. And it is a good thing it looks like obama is going to be fired. We won’t have to tolerate his arrogant belief in his own diseased policies.

  • Did Obama kill Brian Terry?

    Using the logic of the Obama campaign accusing Romney of the death by cancer of Joe Soptic’s wife, we can with much greater certainty say that Obama killed Brian Terry.

    Joe Soptic’s wife died of cancer seven years after Romney left Bain Capital, five years after his plant closed, four years after his wife lost her health insurance because she left the job that gave her health insurance, and also five years after he was offered a buy-out.

    So if this makes Romney responsible for Soptic’s wife’s death, there is a much more direct line to Obama and the death of border agent Brian Terry. The Obama Administration shipped weapons to violent Mexican drug cartels via Fast and Furious. Those weapons were used to kill Brian Terry. Ergo, Barack Hussein Obama killed Brian Terry.

    Simple, direct responsibility for Brain Terry’s death, and the death of over three hundred Mexicans including a plot to kill the police chief of Tijuana, lands right on Obama’s desk. Someone should make an ad.

  • I developed some t-shirts for the press to wear as they cover the 2012 campaign.

    I call them In-the-Tank Tops for Journalists. You can see the designs at the Pundit Pete Press Service blog (satire). http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/2012/07/shirt-design-honors-journalists.html

  • mark l.

    Most coddled? Must be all that vacation time. Oh, wait, that was “W”.

    didn’t obama just ‘celebrate’ the latest unemployment numbers with his 400th round of golf?

    ‘watch this drive…’

  • Re: “…the most coddled and cosseted politician in modern American history…”

    MODERN !?!?

  • paul

    The only whiner here is Romney. 0bama is the petulant child always feeling hurt.

  • reality

    Congratulations on your plunge from respectable intellect to garden variety conservative crank, Mr. Mead.

  • BlackSaint

    President Obama’s policies lead to uncertainty??

    “”There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system; that for me to simply through Executive Order ignore those Congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President””.
    –Barack Obama
    (March 28, 2011)

    “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.”
    –Barack Obama (2008)

    “If an individual mandate was the solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.” –Barack Obama (Feb 5 2008)

    “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.”–Barack Obama (Feb 23, 2009)

    “The Buffet rule will raise enough money to stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade. This is not politics; this is math.” –Barack Obama (Sept 26, 2011)

    “No one is more committed to manned spaceflight. To human exploration of space than I am.” –Barack Obama (April 15, 2010)

    “The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime” –Barack Obama (2010)

    “I will close Guantanamo within a year.” –Barack Obama (2008, 2009, 2010)

  • Danny

    Wow, the echo chamber must be deafening. Obama must be tilting left way too far to believe that. He is the least vetted of any president we have ever had. No college transcripts. No explanation why he went to college as a foreign exchange student. Why had to create “composite” girlfriends. Why the transparent president is so opaque? Why don’t his classmates remember him? Why is is thesis sealed? What does all this tell us? If you spend millions hiding things, you have things to hide. Whereas the media goes full tilt after anyone on the right, they have given Obama a full pass. People are figuring this out and the president’s campaign seems to be getting more and more desperate.

  • BD57

    Obama’s instincts are pure ‘Chicago,’ where there isn’t REALLY any “opposition.” From the little bit we know about him, he’s never really had to prove himself – – – the Chicago political mob has always made credible challengers disappear, he’s always had a sycophantic press corps there to run interference for him.

    In a way, he’s like the 5 star high school football recruit who’s been told all his life that his poop doesn’t stink, who’s never had to answer for his conduct … and then is shocked when he finally gets to the point where society says “No more.”

  • Winston Smith

    There appear to be a few bumps in the road before the O-regime can organize and implement their Ministry of Truth. Too bad.

  • I hate seeing Mitt Romney so far down in the polls. It looks like the negative Hate ads are doing their jobs.
    Mitts a good decent man, who could have helped our economy with job creation. I just feel he won’t get the chance, and we will have 4 MORE of Obamalony… just really sad… I blame Obama and his chicago thug tactics, but I also blame the voters who want so much welfare and free stuff that they will refuse to change things for the better.
    Very sad.

  • Whats wrong with us NOT kicking the can down the road for a change? Whats wrong with responsibility? Whats wrong with wanting America to be on a budget?
    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Actually, I would love to leave this place a much better place for my kids and grandkids.

  • cjmurph

    If Obama walked over a low bridge, the headline the next morning would read, “Obama walks on water.”

    If Mitt Romney jumped out of a boat to save a drowning child and actually walked on water to get to the child, the next day’s headline would be, “Mitt Romney can’t swim.”

  • It is unwise for America to be “administered” at all.

  • Dirq

    Yawn- another conservative crying to the refs about liberal media bias.
    Last I checked, the WSJ and Fox News were part of the media. As long as they’re around, complaints like this one aren’t really to be taken seriously.
    Are the WSJ and Fox News really “coddling and cossetting” Obama? Hardly.

  • teapartydoc

    Tax returns blah blah blah tax returns!
    Academic records? What academic records?

  • Sam

    Well I’m not the press, but I most certainly do!

  • Raul Reza Vasquez

    “…Liberals are often some of the least tolerant people when they are sure they are right…”

    Really? And how is this different from the average Tea Party member?

    It’s an interesting article, except that it fails to point out that everything negative that President Obama feels about the media was also felt by President Bush, at least during his second term when the media finally learned the hard way to no longer trust him at his word. For that matter, not only does Romney have little or no faith in the media, he refuses to take any policy decisions that will be “twisted and lied about.” He tries to blame President Obama for that, but he obviously thinks the media will support and publicize any criticism from the Obama campaign team. He has even admitted that in an earlier race, he proposed specific policies that got destroyed by his opponent and the media. Apparently, it has never occurred to him that maybe those specific policies just weren’t very good. But now that Romney has supported all sides of all issues at one time or another, he really can’t open his mouth without criticizing some “fact” that he previously supported. If you think that President Bush ran a very secretive administration, just wait until you see a Romney administration that will never take a position on anything and, just like Bush, will tell us that we need to trust him because he has the best interests of the people at heart.

  • I figure Kenneth Star became biased against Clinton after he found the train of corruption and malfeasance.

    Odd that the media, so biased against Obama first told us that the short form birth cert was all that there was, and then told us that the long form birth cert was perfectly valid. Odd that they missed his book publicity that claimed his birth was in Kenya. Odd that they missed his Frank Marshall Davis paternity, but that would have linked Obama to a molester and Communist.

  • thibaud

    Poor doc. Poor Republicans. Their stubborn, foolish little man won’t even listen to his own party’s expert operatives.

    When the good folk of this country learn about Romney’s financial maneuverings and tax dodging during 2008-2009, they’re not going to be happy.

    Neither will the GOP.

    Romney is the worst candidate they could have chosen. Except for all the others.

  • bill

    “The press hates me!”… every liberal president since Woodrow Wilson has exclaimed. It is all part of the game. It gives the press a plausible claim that they are neutral. Don’t be duped, the left/press are well organized in their deceit.

  • Dave

    Actually Dirq, the editorial pages of the WSJ are conservative. Its news coverage, not so much. [Disparaging remarks about other commenters removed.]

  • JungleCogs

    Let’s face facts; Obama is a dope. I know it, you know it and you know I know you know it. We all know we have to get rid of the guy. He may have fooled a bunch of people once, but no more; let’s move on as he is nothhing but an embarrassmen.

  • sub

    Dirq says – wow that’s brilliant. so two major conservative outlets (one of which is routinely defiled by the liberal press) vs. the onslaught of liberalism via every other national newspaper, via ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC etc., that’s an even tally in your mind? yeah, you are a liberal. you don’t know how to add.

  • Robert Hunter

    Hey Media, better which out I smell a “Executive Order” coming to take control of all you bad reporters. Truth is until you Liberal Media people get some guts and report the facts correctly that will not happen. Most of us know President Obama is just playing his blame game. Preparing for his one term presidency, we should be so lucky!

  • Deb

    Walter – You need to put those commas inside those quotes. It’s positively un-American to do otherwise!!

  • Steve

    We often blog about the State Controlled Media on Common Cents. No wonder FOX NEWS scored more viewers than it’s competition COMBINED and has been #1 for 10+ years!

    Common Cents

  • richard40

    Thibuad. You have a point about whining too much about bad media coverage. Mind you, the complaint is true, the media is actually grossly unfair, but you say correctly that the way to deal with it is to not just complain, but assume the media will be unfair, and develop ways to campaign and get the word out anyway.

    That is what Reagan did, he knew the media would be unfair, but he also understood them enough to realize that if he fed them a daily soundbite, favorable to him, but also interesting and worth reporting, they would report it anyway, just to have some news to report, even if they disagreed with it.

    Romney needs to do a similar thing, like when Obama does some untrue add, they need a team to find the truth, and then put out a release containing that truth. I have noticed lately that when Romney actually did that, and their counterfacts were solid, like with the “bain killed my wife” add, the media, even normally biased CNN, actually backed him up, and questioned Obamas team on the discrepancy.

    “As GOP operative John Weaver snapped, “Stop whining and release your tax returns. There is no whining in politics.” On this one I think Romney should put out a release saying he will release his taxes, if Obama releases all his academic records, and other stuff in his past he has been hiding. That way, Romney ends up looking like the one that wants to release stuff, and the spotlight shifts to Obamas lack of transparency. Then anytime an Obama surrogate mentions tax records, the Romney surrogate reiterates the offer, and asks the Obama surrogate about the academic records, and the surrogate either has to agree with the position that both should be released, or they end up looking like the ones that want to try and hide stuff. It also ensures that transparency is not one sided, where Romney puts out everything, and Obama still hides stuff. Of course this strategy only works if Romney actually can afford to release the taxes, and just doesn’t want to, if he cant afford to release them at all, he has a real problem.

  • Stephen Kaus

    Where in the NYT article does President Obama say the press hates him or is against him. Rather he is frustrated at the false equivalence of considering all arguments equally valid. The headline, retweeted by loyal minions, is dishonest.

    On the larger point, the press has a responsibility, or at least a right, to stand up for science and common sense.

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